Department of International Business - Pondicherry University

A youth must equip himself with the required academic qualification to make a career in the corporate world. One of the pre-requisites for getting a managerial job at a multi-national firm is to have a management degree from a reputed institute. Department of International Business under Pondicherry University offers an MBA programme to graduates. Candidates gain admission in the MBA programme through CAT scores. The university focuses on providing an academically enriching environment directed towards research activities and in-depth learning of managerial concepts. The university is equipped with state-of-art infrastructural facilities, a well-stocked library which aids the student in acquiring knowledge. The School of Management has many other departments which focus on areas like Tourism, banking, commerce, economics etc. Therefore students should enrol for the MBA programme to gain a foothold in the corporate world. Students interested in pursuing higher studies in the field of management should go through the college brochure.
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