Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

One of the premier institutes in India, IIT Kanpur has been an institution of excellence and research since its inception. At IIT Kanpur, students get an outstanding environment to study and excel in various things, whether academics or co-curricular activities. The institute doesn’t limit the freedom of its students by restricting their thoughts and innovations, yet it pushes them forward to think, visualise and encourage their ideas for the growth. It is not an easy task to get into any of the IITs. Students have to go through stringent admission procedure across the country.
IIT Kanpur extended its technical supremacy to managerial disciplines. The department was established to unite the power of technology and management. Keeping the tradition of innovation and thoughtful ideas, MBA programmes at the university aspire to create entrepreneurs and business leaders by holding on its strengths in technology, social sciences and computing. The curriculum of the course is the persistently changing with the requirements of the industry. The faculty teaching at the institute is of industry experts, who expose students to the practical world of the global market. Exposure helps in better understanding of the core subjects. Admitting to IIT Kanpur will be a great choice.
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