Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad

As stated by the Dean himself “Woxsen is a school with a difference”, has proven to be right in all the ways. The Woxsen School of Business is different from all other B-schools in India and overseas. The school has a diverse faculty and visiting faculty who focus at teaching the students according to the requirement of the industry. The university looks forward to building professionals who can overcome business challenges. The students are exposed to the real world of the business. The courses offered at the university are postgraduate courses in management. Even the syllabus is well equipped with various fields of business management and looks forward to providing students with full knowledge of the domain they want to study.
The advantage of studying at Woxsen is that it focuses on applied and differentiated learning, which imparts relevant skills and builds the students to work in a continually changing business setting. With international visit faculty, the university has exposed students to the global market challenges. The Trade Tower is the incubation centre established in the university guides, mentors and funds the ingenious business ideas. The students have the complete support of the teachers and mentors, which enhances their thinking and pushes them to the next level.
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