Jindal Global School, Sonipat

Jindal Global School offers its students a world-class Business School experience. The B-School offers MBA degree that leads to in-depth knowledge of the domain and teaching by using advanced pedagogy. The university is not limited to the business school but has a unique opportunity for the students to opt for integrated learning across law, liberal arts, humanities and international affairs. The B-School focuses on providing the students with global exposure by organising international conferences and using the global market as the arena to master. With an extensive curriculum and advance pedagogy, teachers focus on developing students’ personality along with their business skills.
Degree programmes that the university offers are undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes. However, the students even have a choice to participate in student exchange programmes, semester exchange and transfer to a foreign institution to earn a second degree. Students can also add up to their skills by learning a foreign language at the campus. The university has partnered with various industries to create a platform for its students to learn directly from the industry experts. Studying at JGBS, you will enhance your knowledge and have great opportunities ahead.
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