Big Bull Bakars – September 2017 Edition

Big Bull Bakars – September 2017 Edition
Welcome to the third edition of Big Bull Bakars! It’s a monumental achievement for me – just to be able to speak to you for the third time. Thankfully, I have not been kidnapped by Ram Rahim’s men, lynched for speaking against a political party or, drowned in floods yet. The month of September has also brought us the revolutionary, high-tech, path-breaking innovation of….Dandiya on roller skates! In another news, I’ve also put my kidney on sale on OLX after Apple announced the new IPhone X.
Did I mention about Chulbuli? She went gung-ho over Rajkumar Rao in Newton. Apparently, she not only loves his acting in the movie, but she’s also been swayed away by his hairstyle. I am planning to keep the same hairstyle too, but my two pointy horns are coming in the way, simply destroying the entire look. I may just consult Dr. Batra to help me with this. 
Anyway, here’s all the bakar from the month of September.
Stupidity 1 – Journalists – 0
On September 5, a journalist, and along with her, free speech got murdered in this country. Gauri Lankesh, one of the most outspoken journalists who worked as an editor with Lankesh Patrika, was shot dead outside her home by unknown assailants in Bangalore. At the time of her death, Gauri was considered a well-known critic of right-wing Hindu extremism.
One Bullet that isn’t killing anyone…
The Mumbai-Ahmadabad High-Speed Rail Project (Bullet Train project) is underway. This means you can now finish your work in Ahmedabad at 5 pm, reach Mumbai by 7 pm, spend a couple of hours at Marine Drive making merry .till 9 pm, and back to Ahmadabad by 11 pm. Also, Japan is giving a loan of Rs. 88,000 crore for the project at a minimal interest of 0.1 per cent. Sweet. The govt. plans to start the services of the Bullet Train on 15 August, 2022, on India’s 75th Independence Day. 
This also means:
All’s not well in Myanmar
People of the Rohingya community have been fleeing, after being shunned by their own country. The Rohingya community – who, by the way has no relation to people from Rohini in Delhi - is an ethnically Muslim community in a largely Buddhist country of Myanmar. They are also considered world’s most persecuted minority. These people aren’t recognized by Mynamar, and even a refugee-friendly nation like ours is deporting them. A staggering 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state to Bangladesh, and 400 have been burnt alive.
On the brighter side, feel happy that India isn’t between North Korea and US
Irrespective of the medieval beliefs, socio-economic disparities, politically-laden and mostly sensibility-scarce problems in our country, you should be happy that India isn’t geographically between North Korea and the United States. Early in September, North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan – you know, little people playing with their big toys – and soon, Donald Trump retorted that if it is forced to protect itself and its allies, “it will no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,”
Other major bakar from September:
  • Lucknow got Metro! It became the ninth Indian city to have its own operational metro rail system. However, it also broke down on its very first run.
  • A bombing took place in London at the Parson Green Station. ISIS claimed responsibility.
  • Sushma Swaraj ripped apart our neighbours during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.
  • Rahul Gandhi delivered a speech at University of California, Berkeley. And it was not stand-up comedy.
  • Kuldeep Yadav took a hat-trick against a hapless Australian side. India has also won the series.
  • Maria Sharapova has authored a book ‘Unstoppable: My Life so Far’.
  • India recently signed open sky agreement with Japan that will allow both countries to operate unlimited number of flights between the two countries.
  • Bina Agarwal, was awarded with the 2017 Balzan Prize. She is an economist and professor at the University, who was recognized for her heroic work studying women’s contributions to agriculture in India.
  • Karnataka recently approved Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 2017.  It was done to help the state become a hub for production of alternative fuel vehicles, and bring down pollution levels in the state.
  • MS Dhoni was nominated by the BCCI for the Padma Bhushan, country’s third-highest civilian award.
  • Mary Kom became the first Indian to be picked as the international Boxing Association’s (AIBA) representative for the IOC Athlete’s Forum.
  • Tata Sons appointed group veteran Eruch N. Kapadia as its new chief financial officer.
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