iSET Scholarship- Way to Achieve

ITM believes in transforming students’ ambitions to reality!
ITM Business School prides in offering a wide range of scholarships Up to 100%. The scholarship is open to all successful MBA applicants, who have sound academic and professional merit and demonstrate the ability to contribute to all the aspects of the programs.
Scholarships play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape by providing financial assistance to students pursuing higher education. These financial awards are not just about monetary value, they represent a commitment to investing in the potential of individuals and empowering them to achieve their academic and career goals. ITM helps students share experiences, support one another, and collectively contribute to the academic environment.
Benefits of a scholarship goes a long way in creating bright future for students. Students have expressed deep gratitude for the financial empowerment provided by ITM Business School. Scholarships break down financial barriers that often hinder students from pursuing higher education. This eases the burden of financial constraints and helps them focus more on their studies. SanithThyagarajan says “This 100% scholarship is very important for me and my family as it would reduce the financial burden on me. It was one of the main driving factors to join the Management program at ITM Business School”.
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Beyond financial support, students appreciate the doors that scholarships open to diverse opportunities. Whether it's participation in conferences, internships, or research projects, and leadership building, scholarships empower students to explore avenues they might not have been considered otherwise. AnushkaKonar says “This 100%scholarship has boosted up my confidence and has given me the strength to do better in my life”. “UnnatiVasayan quotes with pride “Scholarship has crystallised my determination to excel”.
The question is who doesn’t want merit to be recognised? Merit-based scholarships are highlighted by students as not only financial rewards but as recognitions of their hard work and academic achievements. This acknowledgment fosters a sense of pride and motivates students to strive for excellence. Hence this scholarship has not just made students more confident & goal driven but also made their parents proud.
Shayan Gotla said “This scholarship has helped me take the decision of joining the management program. My parents were thrilled to hear about the scholarship”. ShreyaKhandelwal says “this scholarship was very important. I am quite good at academics and my parents have some expectations, which I proved with the scholarship. This scholarship enabled me to move one step ahead”.
Students have expressed profound appreciation for the scholarships provided by ITM. These testimonials reveal that scholarships extend beyond financial assistance—they are catalysts for personal growth, gateways to diverse opportunities, acknowledgments of merit, and builders of a supportive academic community. As we celebrate the impact of our 32 years of education legacy and scholarships, on individual lives, it's evident that ITM's commitment to fostering talent and recognizing excellence significantly contributes to the holistic development of our students. By investing in the education of individuals, scholarships contribute to building an educated and skilled workforce, ultimately strengthening our society and economy.
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For those who wish to apply for scholarship, the criteria are:
  1. Any graduate or postgraduate who has an overall 60 percent in 10th, 12th, and graduation.
  2. Student who has completed first and second year of graduation with an overall of 60 percent.
Iset is for a duration of one hour and will essentially cover:
Quantitative Aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
True value of scholarship lies in the knowledge and skills gained, apart from the financial assistance. We wish that students avail the wonderful opportunity and apply for the scholarship test (iSET) which is to begin by mid December 2023.
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