How IMT Hyderabad adds value to a student and transforms him/her.

As a business school aspirant students are often flustered with the diverse range of options they have to choose from. However many aspirants keep looking at the placement figures and the number of companies visiting rather than how the institute is capable of transforming them as individuals. MBA unlike any other courses is a very practical course wherein the efforts are in the direction of nurturing the students and polishing their existing skillset for ensuring their future success as managers. Hence it is important to look at the activities being done at the institute as well as the academic rigor.
The first shocker which a student gets after entering the course is trying to make sense of the different subjects. Many engineers start feeling anxious about accounts and students from other streams abhor statistics thinking that they are not good with numbers. At IMT Hyderabad we make a conscious attempt to take our students through a planned introductory module on these courses in the form of management orientation program which tries to bring students from diverse backgrounds on a common platform and make them familiar with the basics of such subjects through a week long program with meticulously planned sessions. At the end of the program the students are taken for an outbound activity wherein they have a series of fun-filled activities to boost team work and collegiality.
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After that within each course there are planned practitioner sessions (minimum 2 in a 20 session course) wherein the students get to interact with a corporate professional and become aware of the most recent trends in that particular area. There also case studies from Harvard /Ivey etc. which are a part of each course. These cases stimulate problem solving; analytical skills etc. so that students can become problem solvers and contribute to their organization from day one of joining. There are also special sessions on a different themes organized under leadership series wherein senior executives from various sectors appraise the students about the topic and how it is gaining prominence in corporate.
The internship program of IMT Hyderabad differs from other business schools in the sense that it is of 12-14 weeks instead of 8 weeks as compared to other business schools. It has been appreciated time and again by many recruiters that a longer duration actually enables students to spend sufficient time on their projects and add value to the organisation.
Apart from academic there are many different clubs like Mercatus mantra, Finacea, Synergy etc   which are domain specific and Antaragna, Tassavoor etc  to name a few for the students to get in touch with the artist in them. All the club activities are done under the mentorship of a faculty but they are fully planned and executed by the students giving them an experience of managing events on a large scale.
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All these magical experiences are encapsulated in a time frame of 2 years which go away in a jiffy. In summary, IMT Hyderabad seeks to ensure grooming its students overall as an individual and making your MBA a truly transformative experience.
Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Das
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