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Out of over 8 first cousins, I am the first one to graduate from college and will also be the first one to ever obtain a Master’s Degree. Both my parents come from a rural area in Bihar, India. I am a first generation immigrant to a city from my family and have had the typical “inner city minority experience” we all hear about. 

1) What led you to take the FIIB MBA program?

After spending a lot of time in school as well as in my bachelor’s college volunteering as a Creative Head for events, Class Representative, and an HR intern, I felt that this is the right time to expand the horizons of my managerial skills and add the much-needed business acumen and employability skills to be prepared for the real-corporate world. 

While going through the lists of B-schools that I shortlisted to apply to strengthen my managerial and financial foundations, FIIB MBA always felt like a right fit for me. It was not only the legacy of 25 years that influenced my decision, but also the energy and spirit of the faculty and staff of the institution during my interactions with them that eventually made me firm up my decision to enrol here. That fact that I won the merit-based 100% tuition scholarship after enrollment was like the icing on the cake.  The experience has been wonderful so far as the great balance between online and offline theoretical teachings coupled with interesting practical training and the fun learning-by doing activities is something unique that FIIB MBA offers to future leader-managers. 

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2) Describe the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

My biggest achievement was being on the stage of the organisation where my father works and delivering Thank You speech on behalf of the organisation’s C-suite members. I got this opportunity for performing well and holding a rank in my academic journey from class 6th to 12th. Getting recognised in front of the colleagues of my father gave me my proudest moment so far, though winning the merit-based scholarship at FIIB would be a very close second.

3) Which skills in particular you think helped you win the scholarship?

As long as it is about skills, I think my ability to convey my thoughts and views in a clear manner is what helped me seize this opportunity. Moreover, I feel my passion for MBA also impressed the interview panel!

4) How do you feel about being awarded your scholarship?

It is an absolute honour to have been awarded the FIIB merit-based scholarship. And, knowing that I’m the first recipient of the 100% scholarship, and the only one in the Racers 26th Batch, makes it even more special. Coming from a middle class family, I’ve never seen any of my relatives spending this much amount on a girl’s education. So, convincing my parents to let me pursue an MBA degree with the possibility of getting a scholarship became much easier than it would have been otherwise. I am incredibly grateful to FIIB for this grant that has empowered me to pursue my career aspirations. 

5) How was your experience with the FIIB Scholarship Interview Panel? 

The one-hour long interview was indeed like a roller-coaster ride where I not only got grilled to the ‘d’ but also got an opportunity to sense the exact meaning of mentorship and counseling. The interview panel members did help me cross some unfamiliar bridges which I would’ve otherwise got stuck in if they hadn’t guided me. 

6) Please share your expectations from the MBA program?

On the professional front, I feel FIIB MBA will be a perfect launchpad to grow into a more responsible and accountable person. If I talk on a personal level, then I am expecting lots of new adventures, connections and experiences that altogether would help me to transition into a more cheerful and positive human being. 

Overall, I intend to fulfill my goal of bridging the gap between public and private sectors of financial services. I wish to apply my learning and experience from FIIB MBA to help governments and financial companies better navigate the post COVID-19 world.

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7) Lastly, share one lesson that this success taught you.

“At least TRY and give your best irrespective of the results!”

When I got the email regarding the scholarship interview from FIIB India, my first reaction was that this may not come my way. But then I decided to give my best and leave the rest.

And Here I am now… recipient of the FIIB full merit-based scholarship for the year 2021. 

We need to take that one step towards our goal, then another and then another and keep going with a ‘never give up’ attitude. And, things will eventually fall in place.

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