Admission update from FIIB Admissions Team – 2020

Don’t let the lockdown pause your MBA dream
We hope that all is well in your family and everyone is safe and healthy. These are indeed challenging times for all of us due to the lockdown and the Coronavirus pandemic.
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But as we all understand, life must go on, and it certainly will go on, we just need to prepare ourselves better to cope with these extraordinary circumstances and do things more carefully and considerately. The lockdown phase shall pass off, and it should in no way pause your MBA dream.
You don’t really need to wait for things to get back to normal to pursue your MBA journey in the academic year 2020-21. All you need to do is to just call us and we’ll promptly organize your filling of Application Form and Selection Interview online from the safety and comfort of your home itself.
We would also like to assure you that at FIIB we are taking all the required precautions and steps in these trying times to stay safe and yet fully functional. All our faculty and staff are working from home in a coordinated manner. Classes, project presentations, admission and placement administrative work, etc. are all being taken care of using the available new technology supports. We plan, and are focused preparing ourselves, to be on our feet and ready to start the upcoming academic session in time as things stabilize.
We urge you to also stay focused on your academic and career pursuit in the meantime, and be ready to start your career building journey with full enthusiasm when the right time comes. 
If there are any doubts, or queries you may have at this stage regarding the admission process at FIIB, be it about the our credentials, placements, selection processes, scholarship opportunities, fee payment and financing options, etc., please feel free to reach out to us on email at, or call us on 7042324775 from Monday to Saturday, between 9 am - 6.30 pm. Let our experts’ handhold and guide you from the safe and comfort zone of your homes amidst these challenging circumstances.
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We invite you to a part of the FIIB family and will be most welcome if you choose to do so.
Last but not least, please stay at home, play safe and take care of your family members.
With best wishes and regards,
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