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Taste the AMRIT of Innovation in Management Practices and Education: FIIB (India) and Burgundy School of Business (France) Organize 5th International Management Conference on 17th-18th December 2019
Let us all accept that the year 2020 will be a defining year of innovation from all perspectives—be it politics, science and technology or business. And the development that will shape our future and affect the landscape of economy in the coming decades will restore our faith in the human intervention, endeavors and capabilities.Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi, along with Burgundy School of Business, France, aims to contribute to this restoration by motivating the stakeholders through their 5thedition of International Management Conference (IMC), a flagship eventon the Advances in Management through Research, Innovation & Technology (AMRIT),where 20 management experts, from academia and industry and from countries spanning the globe, i.e. Australia, France, India, Kuwait, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal and USA, will address the agenda of research, innovation and technology and inspire the audience towards bettering the management education and practices.
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Appreciated and loved by a wide spectrum of stakeholders, i.e. the communities of academics, researchers, policymakers, industry-practitioners and experts, and thought leaders, IMC has been able to carve a nicheand create a space for itself through its meaningful existence of about five years, forging a strong relationship with its stakeholders. Advancing the cause of research in management education and practices, innovation and technology, the 5thedition of IMC will be another milestone for FIIB in its collaborative journey of excellence. The event will include a number of technical sessions and a panel discussion. Uniglobe College (Nepal), University of Ruhana (Sri Lanka), and Sa-Dhan (India), have partnered with FIIB (India) and Burgundy School of Business (France), in organizing this international conference.
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Distinguished speakers and resource personson the occasion include Prof. Shyam S. Lodha (Southern Connecticut State University, USA), Dr. Arvind Ashta(Burgundy School of Business, France), Dr. Radhe S. Pradhan(Uniglobe College, Nepal), Dr. P. Satish (Executive Director, Sa-Dhan, India), Prof. (Dr.) Justin Paul(University of Puerto Rico, USA),Dr. Cornelia Caseau(Burgundy School of Business, France), Prof. (Dr.) Chris Patel(Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University, Australia), Dr. AneeshZutshi(Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal), Rajeev Ranjan Roy (Senior Journalist, Daily Post, India), Prof. (Dr.) Reginald James-William (Western Institute of Technology in Taranaki, New Zealand), Mr. Ananta Raj Ghimire(Uniglobe College, Nepal), Dr. Amit Kumar Singh(Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, India), Dr. Nandeesh V. Hiremath(Indus Business Academy, India), Jean-Dominique Caseau(CEO, LejayLagouteand L’Heritier-Guyot, France), Dr. AnkurSaxena(SAGE University, India), Dr. Nar Bahadur Bista(Uniglobe College, Nepal), Angela Yu (CIB Accountants and Advisers, Australia), and Prof. R.K. Singh (Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, India).
Come and join us, and be our partner in this event. Share your ideas and contribute to the knowledge of diversity and learn from the global best practices. This will also prove to be a great opportunity to network with academics, subject-experts and industry captains, and also to foster meaningful collaborations.
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