Date: 20th August 2019

Since 2001 Indus Business Academy has stood at the forefront of imparting quality management education. Over the past 19 years, the college has provided thousands of students with an opportunity to pursue their dreams of attaining excellence in life and making a difference in the way they think, learn, teach, practice and live all over the world.
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Every year IBA’s foundation day is celebrated as Hope Day on the 20th of August with full of spirit, vigour and enthusiasm. It’s a matter of pride that IBA has completed 19 years of glorious journey in the domain of imparting management education. Director, Dr. Subhash Sharma coined the Foundation Day as HOPE Day where it stands for Higher Order Purpose of Existence in addition to the regular meaning it denotes.
This year also, 20th August 2019 commenced with positive vibes. Hope and Happiness became the two main elements for the celebration of 19th HOPE (Foundation) Day at Indus Business Academy, Bangalore.
On the occasion of 19th HOPE (Foundation) Day, the IBA flag was hoisted by the Director, Dr. Subhash Sharma sir along with the Faculty & Staff members and students. Seeing the flag unfold and touching the heights of the sky, the ambience was filled with a rush of joy. With a beautiful smile on face, Dr. Sharma inspired the audience with his treasured speech about HOPE and how hope symbolizes optimism. With a melodious voice he sang the HOPE song with everyone.      
There was a mellow singing performance from student community as well. “Aashayein” was the song with libretti of hope and everybody relished the ambience filled with optimism.
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Finally, the event concluded with cake-cutting ceremony. Everyone put their valiant efforts to make this a remarkable event.
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