Redefining the Future of Work @HR Conclave 2019

As the conventional workplace is experiencing a major transformation and new-gen employees demand more autonomy and meaning from the work they do, it is becoming increasingly important for business leaders to embrace modern workplace etiquettes and skills that will help them run forward-looking businesses in today’s age of AI and automation. With the intention to set this agenda in its ecosphere and to catch a whiff of the technology that is intuitive, powerful and aligned to the future needs of the workplace, FIIBorganised an HR Conclave on 19th October 2019 (Saturday) with the theme “AI and The Future of Work” at its campus.
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A total of five experts from the corporate world shared their views on the steadily changing landscape of work, including Mr. Vikram Malik, Technical Project Manager, Wavenet Technologies; Ms. Devosmita Pal, Learning and Development Expert, Grofers India Pvt Ltd.; Mr. Atish Bhattacharya, Deputy General Manager-HR, GreenlamIndustries Ltd.; Ms. Charu Sharma, OD Expert, Infogain; and Mr. DeepnarayanTripathi, Head Organization & Capability Development, Lenskart Solutions Pvt Ltd.
The conclave began with a welcome note by Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha, Director-FIIB, who shed light on how our work will look like in a few years from now and asked students to utilize this thought-provoking event as an opportunity to seek the skills they’ll need to acquire to effectively work in their desired roles in the era of artificial intelligence. Thereafter, all the five industry experts addressed the students and enlightened them with the role AI is playing in the workplace and how it can help convert potential threats into opportunities.
Key takeaways from the conclave:
  • The industry is moving towards smart solutions and the masses who don’t evolve with it won’t survive in the long-run. “Don’t bear AI, just accept it and evolve in it accordingly. If you don’t evolve, then you will evaporate,” said Mr. Vikram Malik.
  • It is not hidden from anyone that organizations are investing heavily in technology-based and cloud-based HR solutions resulting in advancements of techniques. “We are the mind and working capital behind the evolving technology which brings better utilization in the industry. Let’s accept all the changes with open hands,” said Ms. Devosmita Pal.
  • Mr. DeepnarayanTripathiaddressed the students and made them aware of the fact that the only group who can take human touch away from our lives is human and not technology. “The more you practise it, the more you talk about it and the more you get equipped with it, there’s no way that technology can take the human touch away from humans,” he concluded with his speech.
  • Using technology to understand behaviours and decision making better, embracing the power of storytelling and defining brand traditions and culture are some of the ways that can help a company connect the hard-to-measure people data to business strategies. “The machine is going to take over but not the empathy part but only the connect part,” said Mr. Atish Bhattacharya.
  • While the largest generation in the workforce today aka millennials expect a positive workplace culture, well-being programs and flexibility in terms of location and time, the organizations, on the other hand, expect their employees to imbibe the corporate training and convert their learnings into a profitable, growth-oriented ladder that fulfils aspirations in a mutually beneficial manner. “There is nothing that we can’t learn as a human that machines can, we are also enabled to learn by those machines,” said Ms. Charu Sharma.
The panel discussion concluded with a question-answer round where students raised their queries and concerns and in return got some valuable advice and suggestions that will help them develop their skills and personalities to leverage the efficiencies of a technology-driven modern business world.
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The event not only brought out the spirit of teamwork and collaboration among the budding managers-leaders at FIIB and imparted an exponential push to their learning curve at the institute but also made a transformational change in every student’s understanding of the likely evolution of the modern workplaces.
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