SNAP & XAT go online: Things to keep in mind

The notification for SNAP has been released and is accompanied by some major changes. Since its inception in the year 2007, this is the first time that the exam will be conducted in a computer-based format. The exam is scheduled to be conducted on December 17, 2017 from 2-4 pm. The pattern of the exam remains same as of SNAP 2016.
Soon after the announcement of SNAP going online, we hear that XAT 2018 will also be conducted in online mode. XAT will be conducted on January 7, 2018, from 10 amm to 1.35pm. For more than 60 years, XAT has been conducted in paper pen mode at all India level to select the most suitable students for top B-schools of India and abroad.
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So, what does this change from conventional pen-paper based format to online mode mean to the test-takers?
A number of entrance tests have made such transitions in the previous years. After analyzing the experiences and impact of this change on the exams, we have jotted down a few important tips to help you prepare for the given exams:
  • Familiarize yourself with computer-based tests (CBT):
Precious time can be lost if you are not well-acquainted with the online mode of exams and you tend to lose an important opportunity if you have not worked enough on CBT. Ensure that you solve at least 30-40 full-length computer-based mock tests before the final exam. Also, try preparing your fundamentals as well as reading of newspaper on the computer.
  • Develop a personalized strategy for each section:
After taking sectional and full-length mock tests, you will be able to know your strong and weak areas. Now, map out your strengths and weaknesses topic-wise as well as chapter-wise across all sections. This will enable you to devise an efficient strategy to address your weaknesses and fine-tune your strengths. In a paper-based format, it is easy to search for easy questions, but to do the same in a computer-based test takes more time. In a single-question format CBT, very often you may end up spending too much time on a difficult question and missing out on an easy question. So, you need to know which questions to quickly skip and which question to spend some time on.
  • Use shortcuts wherever possible:
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Unlike in a conventional paper-based test, where you have more time to think, the CBT will pass by much faster, and you will have less time to think. Here, shortcuts play a very crucial role. And they need to be practiced much better than before. Given the fact that the question is on the screen and the rough work is done on paper, it requires you to re-write the main data of the question. Learn to do mental calculations wherever possible. Also, you can always go for sectional tests before taking full-length tests.
  • Finally, keep monitoring your progress in mock tests and re-work your exam strategy whenever required.
Before attempting the test, make sure that you have gone through the guidelines well. In case you face technical problems, contact your instructor immediately. Lastly, keep an eye on the timer and attempt according to your planned time and strategy for each section.
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