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Geometry is a crucial area in various competitive CAT and Non CAT exams. Throughout the course, students receive classroom-like hand-holding at every step of the course. It includes a dedicated course manual, guiding a student with actionable steps to ensure comprehensive and result-oriented learning. Course includes: 6 videos lectures, 3 live lectures , 1 eBook and 50 plus practice questions

Take a minute and look around the place you are in- take note of the curves, angles, lines and other aspects which create your environment. You will notice that some shapes are two-dimensional while others are three-dimensional. Everything in our tangible world is created by combining various types of shapes. All such combinations give rise to unique representations, which can be explained by basic geometric principles. Go through these basic formulae, principles and shortcuts to solve advanced CAT level questions.

What you will learn

  • Concepts of mensuration (2-D and 3-D)
  • Concept of Circum-center, In-center, Centroid, Orthocenter
  • Questions related to lines angles and polygons triangles
  • Questions solving tricks and tips like approximation, wastages

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to assess your current skill level in Mensuration & Geometry (Triangles, Polygons & Mensuration).


  • Mensuration - 2D
  • Mensuration - 3D
  • Geometry – Polygons
  • Geometry – Triangles
  • Geometry – Triangles (Centroid and orthocenter)
  • Geometry – Pythagoras Theorem

Live Lectures (An sms/email will be sent 30 minutes before live lecture. Live lectures are conducted on a regular basis and details will be updated here. Once available, you can view previously recorded live lecture.)

  • Mensuration: Formulae (2D and 3D) & their application, Geometry: Lines, Angles, Polygons
  • Geometry & Mensuration: Questions based on Triangles, Circum center, In center, Centriod, Orthocenter etc and concept of wastages and its application on typical CAT questions


  • In the eBook, you will receive the basic theory of the chapters of Mensuration and Geometry along with all the important theorems of geometry in general and triangles in particular. The theory will cover all the important Mensuration formulas. All the important theory points will be followed by the relevant examples for your better understanding.


  • Practice Assignment – 01
  • Practice Assignment – 02
  • Practice Assignment – 03
  • Practice Assignment – 04
  • Practice Assignment – 05

Online Tests

  • Practice test - 01
  • Practice test - 02

Doubt & Discussion Group

  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours.

Support & Help

  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours. If you don’t receive the link, drop your details.

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Mensuration & Geometry