TISSNET Percentile Predictor

TISSNET 2024 has been cancelled and instead will be accepting the CUET (PG) scores for all its Postgraduate (Master's degree) programs
The TISSNET score calculator and percentile predictor is a powerful tool to estimate your percentile and score. After the exam, candidates eagerly seek insights into their performance. To provide valuable assistance, our experts have developed a percentile predictor for TISSNET 2024. It is meticulously crafted, considering the latest marking scheme and the exam's difficulty level. Trust in our expertise as we guide you through the post-exam evaluation process.
TISSNET is an entrance test conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. In 2024, the exam will likely be held in January/ February, and the results will be declared within a month. Nearly 40,000 candidates appear for TISSNET every year. TISS offers 55 courses in humanities, the most popular being the Masters in HRM & LR.
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TISSNET Percentile Predictor
Percentile predictor or score calculator is a tool that estimates your approximate percentile or score, based on the inputs provided by you. Remember to make use of the predictor shortly after taking the exam. This will increase your chances of entering accurate data regarding your attempts and correct answers.
Guide to utilize the Percentile Predictor
Go through the following steps to make the right use of the TISSNET Percentile Predictor:
  1. Click on the given link for the ‘TISSNET Percentile Predictor’. Do ‘sign up’, if you are not registered on the website.
  2. Once you sign in, you need to enter the requisite details.
  3. After you have stated the number of attempted questions and correct answers, you will know your overall and sectional percentile.
  4. Now, you can plan to prepare for the further selection rounds.
  5. Finally, you will be equipped with guidance and counselling from our mentors.
How does the TISSNET percentile predictor work?
The predictor works as per the following factors: number of people taking TISSNET 2024, your score/performance relative to other candidates, and the level of difficulty of the specific slot and sections. With these parameters, the predictor will compute your anticipated percentile in TISSNET.
Hence, the percentile predictor calculates an approximate figure of your actual percentile. Apart from the overall percentile, the predictor provides you with your sectional percentile in TISSNET. Make certain that you give all the right details in the predictor.
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After the announcement of TISSNET result , you can expect to get called by TISS for subsequent selection rounds. Lastly, your percentile, profile and marks in the GD-PI will decide your final admission in the institute.
1. How much percentile/ score is required for TISSNET?
TISS specifies 45% as a qualifying cut-off for TISSNET. Further, the candidate also needs to clear the General Awareness section with at least 35% marks.
2. What is a good score in TISSNET?
As the cut-off for different courses ranges between 60-70, it is best to target an overall score of 75 and above.
3. How is TISSNET score calculated?
TISSNET score is simply the aggregate of your marks attained in all three sections. Each question of TISSNET carries one mark and there is no penalty for incorrect answers.
4. How many students are selected in TISSNET?
Of the total candidates that appear in TISSNET, nearly 20-30% are shortlisted for the next selection stage.
5. Is TISSNET easier than CAT?
Yes, TISSNET is relatively easier than CAT. So, if you have prepared for CAT, all you need to prepare is the general awareness section. Rest of the parts are common and you will be able to ace them well.
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