SNAP 2023 Analysis Test 3 (22 Dec)

SNAP test is a computer-based test and was conducted on three scheduled dates in 2023. The pattern this year was almost the same as that of last year. The third scheduled date was 22 December 2023 and exam was based on a pattern as declared by SIU(Deemed) on its website. The SNAP Test 3 was conducted in two shifts. Candidates could appear for a maximum of two tests for SNAP 2023. If a candidate appeared for two tests, the higher score will be considered for admissions and there will be no normalization. In the third slot as well, there were only Objective Type (MCQ) questions as announced by SIU. English section was again the easiest among all the sections and comparatively easier than previous slots. It was dominated by grammar-based and vocabulary questions. The analytical & Logical reasoning section was similar to what it was in the earlier tests conducted on 10th Dec. Both the shifts on day 3 were yet again dominated by verbal/critical reasoning. The level of difficulty of the Quant section was slightly higher than previous slots on 17th Dec. Overall, time management and selection of questions would have played a major role in clearing cut-offs. The admit cards for various slots were released a day before the exam date. The overall feel of the exam was easy to slightly moderate.
The result will be announced on 10 Jan 2024.
Overview of the paper (22 Dec- 2023):
There were 60 questions (3 Sections) in both the slots and the time allotted was 1 hr. The three sections were as follows:
SNAP Prep Course
Overview of Different Sections
No. of questions
General English
Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude, DI & DS
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Overview of the SNAP
Exam Mode
Online Computer Based Test
Time allotted
1 Hr.
Total Questions
Total Maximum Marks
Number of Sections
Type of questions
60 (MCQs followed by 4 answer)
Marking Scheme
For each correct answer :1mark
Negative Marking
-1/4 Mark for each wrong answer of MCQs
Section-wise analysis
General English
The pattern of this section was almost similar to what it was on 10 Dec& 17th Dec. In this slot, there was one poem-based RC. The question on it was based on grammar fundamentals. The English section primarily was dominated by grammar-based questions, i.e., parts of speech-based questions in the form of fill-in-the-blanks, voice & speech etc. The vocabulary questions were based on Antonyms, Idioms, Prefix, and Proverbs. The grammar-based questions were based on fundamentals such as identifying Adverbs, Adjective, Passive voice, Nouns etc. Both shifts also had figures of speech questions. One or two-sentence ordering questions were there in both the slots. Overall, the pattern & difficulty level was similar to what it was on 10th Dec& 17th Dec.
The overall feel of this section was easy.
Good Attempt: 12-14questions
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Analytical & Logical Reasoning
The difficulty level of this section was moderate. The surprise element was that this time there were GK-based Analogy questions. The section included questions on, coding/decoding, blood relations, logical order, missing number/letters, binary logic etc. This section was dominated by verbal and critical reasoning as there were 7-8 questions based on these areas, such as assumption, arguments, inference /conclusion, cause & effect etc. The questions based on verbal reasoning were easy except for one or two questions. There were a few puzzles (family tree) based questions. These questions were tricky.There were 4-5 questions based on series & coding -decoding. The series questions were based on numbers. Letters or combined, were a little tricky to be solved under time pressure. There were 3 questions on clocks and both were easy. There were questions on Syllogism. Again, this slot also had an almost similar pattern with a little variation in the level of difficulty as reported by the students. Only the right selection of questions would have played a key role in maximizing the attempts.
Overall feel of the section was moderate.
Good Attempt: 19-21 questions.
Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & DS
This section was comparable to the slots on 10 Dec instead of 17th Dec. This section had questions from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Higher Math etc. The surprise element was the presence of one series-based question as it is not expected in the Quant section. There were questions on probability, Permutation and combination. Overall, this section was dominated by Arithmetic and algebra with around 12 -14 questions. The questions based on logarithm were tricky as reported by the students. The other areas such as numbers, higher Math & DI had an equal number of questions. However, using options wisely would have played a key role in maximizing the score in this section.
Overall, the feel of the section was moderate to slightly difficult.
Good Attempt: 14-16 questions
Disclaimer: All the above given information is based on personal opinion of hitbulls eye’s Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs however, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs
Expected SNAP Cutoffs (Score)
 Expected Cutoff (Score)
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