Analysis: IBSAT 2011

Analysis: IBSAT 2011

IBSAT 2011 was of 125 questions and the major thrust was on verbal ability which included 75 questions including both English usage and reading comprehension. The paper could be termed as a moderate one with few difficult questions and time has always been a challenge to crack IBSAT. One should solve 90+ questions with 90% accuracy, however as there was no negative marking all the questions should be attempted and marked.

Overview of the paper:

There were 125 questions in all and the time allotted was 2 hrs. The four sections were as follows: 

Overview of Different Sections:
Sr. No. Sections Total Marks No. of Questions Level
1. English Usage 50 50 Easy to Moderate
2. Reading Comprehension 25 25 Easy
3. Quantitative 25 25 Moderate to Tough
4. Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 25 25 Easy to Moderate
  Total 125 125  
Overview of the IBSAT Paper
Time allotted 2 Hrs.
Total no. of questions 125
Total Marks 125
Marking Scheme Correct Answer: +1
Sections 4
Number of choices 5
Negative Marking NO Negative Marking
Expected cutoffs Minimum expected cut off is 80% to get into ICFAI business school. IBS-Hyderabad: 68+ IBS-Bangalore: 65+ IBS-Mumbai: 65+ IBS-Gurgaon: 62+
SECTION I: English Usage

Evaluation:Questions of English usage were of easy to moderate level. Para jumbles were easy. The distribution of questions was: 10 questions on synonyms and antonyms, 5 questions on Para jumbles, 10 questions on sentence completions, 5 questions on analogies, 5 questions were on cloze test, and rest were on finding error in sentences.

Expected Time Allotment: 25 minutes

Expected Cut-off: 35+ with 90% accuracy

SECTION II: Reading Comprehension

Evaluation:The level of questions were very easy and were directly based on the information given in the passage. The length of the passages were moderate. The section was of 25 questions including 3 paragraphs comprising 8, 8, and 9 questions each.

Expected Time Allotment: 30 minutes

Expected Cut-off: 20+ with 90% accuracy

SECTION III: Quantitative Aptitude

Evaluation:The section covered entirely every topic of quant. This section generally included basic concepts of maths. The breakup of the section was: 10 questions on number theory, 2 on algebra, 5 on arithmetic, 4 on mensuration, 2 on permutation and combination, 1 on function and 1 on progression.

Expected Time Allotment: 35 to 40 minutes

Expected Cut-off: 16+

SECTION IV: Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

Evaluation:Out of 25 questions, 15 were from Data Sufficiency, most of the questions were quite easy and familiar. From DI, there were two cases; both the cases were based on tables. First case had only a single table with some missing data, one needs to give some time to analyze and complete the table to answer the questions. Second set had three tables with some data missing. However it was comparatively easy to find those missing data to answer the questions.

Expected Time Allotment: 30 minutes

Expected Cut-off: 18+ with 90% accuracy.

*Disclaimer:All the above given information is based on personal opinion of hitbullseye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.
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