Analysis: IRMA 2010

IRMA was the first paper of Management Examination season. The paper was almost similar to IRMA 2009. Some students found paper a bit more difficult as compared to last year paper but Bullseye students had a reason to rejoice as a large number of questions in QA and DI and AR sections were from NET IRMA conducted by Bullseye . In English Comprehension Section also ,students found most of the RC s from pack 4. To be precise exactly 26 questions in QA and DI and 20 questions in AR were from NET IRMA. The GK section was the most difficult section and in this section low sectional cut-off is expected. Quantitative ability and English Comprehension was easier as compared to AR section which was a bit tricky.

IRMA is generally designed to test the candidates aptitude for Rural Management and hence majority of GK question were on Rural Management.

There were 200 questions (4 Sections) in all and the time allotted was 2hrs. The four sections were as follows:

  • English Comprehension
  • Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Issues of Social Concern (GK)
Overview of the IRMA Paper
Time allotted 2Hrs.
Total no. of questions 200
Marking Scheme 1
Sections 4
Number of choices 5
Negative Marking ¼
Expected cut-offs* 103+
Overview of Different Sections
Sr. No. Sections No. of Questions Difficulty Level
1 English Comprehension 40 Easy
2 Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 50 Easy
3 Analytical Reasoning 50 Average
4 Issues of Social Concern (GK) 60 Average to tough
SECTION I: Verbal & Logical Abilities
Sr. No. Area Tested Description No. of Question Mark Allotted Difficulty Level /remarks
1 Reading Comprehension Passage on decontrolling of water resources 15 15 Moderate
2 Verbal Ability Cloze Test 10 10 Average
3 Verbal Ability Para Jumbled 5 5 Easy to Moderate
4 Verbal Ability Grammar 5 5 Easy
5 Verbal Ability Sentence Completion 5 5 Easy

Evaluation: This section had questions on Reading Comprehension; Fill in the Blanks (cloze test), Sentence Completion & Para Jumbled etc.

Comfortable Attempt: 25-30 questions in about 30 minutes.
Achievable Score: 19+ was an achievable score.

SECTION II: Quantitative Ability & DI
Sr. No. Area Tested Type of Questions No. of Question Mark Allotted Difficulty Level /remarks
1 DI: Data Interpretation Line graph 5 5 Moderate
Tables 10 10 Easy  
Bar graph 5 5 Easy  
2 QUANT Simplification 7 7 Easy-Moderate
Permutation & Combination 1 1 Easy-Moderate  
Probability 3 3 Moderate  
Percentages 1 1 Easy  
SICI , Ratio Proportion, P & L, T&W 8 8 Easy  
Data Sufficiency 5 5 Moderate  
Venn Diagram (Paragraph based) 5 5 Moderate  

Evaluation: Speed, clarity of the fundamentals of Mathematics and immaculate time-management were the key to success in this area. Overall this section was easy.

Comfortable Attempt: 35-40 questions in about 35 minutes.
Achievable Score: 26+ was an achievable score.

SECTION III: Analytical Reasoning
Sr. No. Area Tested Description No. of Question Mark Allotted Difficulty Level /remarks
1 Critical Reasoning Decision Making (Eligibility for Rural Marketing) 5 10 Easy
2 CR Coding decoding 5 5 Moderate
3 CR Course of action 5 5 Moderate
4 CR Cause Effect 5 5 Easy
5 CR Statement Assumption 5 5 Easy
6 Analytical Reasoning Analytical reasoning (Verbal Puzzle, No. Arrangement, Seating Arrangement etc..)+inference + statement conclusion 14 9 Moderate
7 CR Data Sufficiency (Reasoning Based) 5 5 Moderate

Evaluation: This section had questions that tested the student's Analytical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Decision making ability. There were questions on Odd man- out, Course Of Action and Statement Assumption. The section required attentive reading and deep thinking as it seemed deceptively easy on the first glance.

Comfortable Attempt: 25-30 questions in about 40-45 minutes.
Achievable Score: 27+ was an achievable score.

SECTION IV: General Awareness (Issues of Social Concern)

Evaluation: This was the toughest of all sections. The questions were verbose and descriptive and answer choices tricky close. 8-10 questions were direct (Milkman of India, WTO, Famous Economist, Nobel prize winner) and a student who had brushed up his Current GK could have easily attempted these question and most of the other questions were on Government schemes, definition of terms, economics, poverty and agriculture etc. and exhaustive study was required to attempt these questions. Hence the expected cut-offs in this section is much lower.

Comfortable Attempt: About 25 in 30 minutes
Achievable Score: 18+ would be an achievable score in this area.

*Disclaimer:All the above given information is based on personal opinion of hitbullseye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.

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