ATMA 2010 Analysis

ATMA 2011 was on the same pattern as previous years. There was only one slight difference from the previous years that was the difference in the allotment of time between the sections. The paper was divided into two parts, each part have to be answered in 90 minutes. Students could easily allocate time to different sections in respective parts according to their comfort as sections were not time based.

There were 170 questions in all and the time allotted was 3hrs.

Overview of the ATMA Paper
Time allotted 3Hrs.
Total no. of questions 170
Marking Scheme Correct Answer - +1
Sections 3 per part (Total of 2 parts)
Number of choices 4
Negative Marking Wrong Answer: -1/3
Expected cut-offs* 75% to 80% marks will be appropriate to clear the exam.
Overview of Different Sections
Sr. No. Sections No. of Questions Difficulty Level
1 Quantitative Skills(PS) 30 Easy to Moderate
2 Analytical Reasoning(LR & VR) 30 Easy to Moderate
3 Verbal Skills(RC & VA) 25 Easy
4 Quantitative Skills(DI & PS) 30 Easy
5 Analytical Reasoning(LR & VR)) 25 Easy to Moderate
6 Verbal Skills(RC & VA) 30 Easy to Moderate
Sr. No. Area Tested Description No. of Question Difficulty Level /remarks
1 Reading Comprehension Fertilizer Policy 5 Easy-Moderate
PPP for better society- technology in Traffic management 9 Moderate-Difficult
Automated voice response problems 5 Easy-Moderate
Time available for 5 day a week workers Vs others 6 Easy-Moderate
2 Verbal Ability Synonyms 4 Easy-Moderate
3 Verbal Ability Para formation questions 4 Moderate
4 Verbal Ability Select most appropriate word 4 Moderate
5 Verbal Ability Fill in the Blanks 13 Easy-Moderate
Evaluation: The RC section was relatively easier to score in compared to the verbal ability section. The RC passages were not difficult to read as they were straight articles from newspapers or magazines. On the other hand the VA section in Part 2 was of a bit higher level of difficulty Comfortable Attempt: 10-12 questions in 20 minutes.
Sr. No. Type of Questions No. of Question Difficulty Level /remarks
1 Work 2 Moderate
2 Speed, Distance & Time 3 Easy-Moderate
3 Numbers 9 Easy-Moderate
4 Progression 1 Easy
5 Percentage, Profit & Loss 3 Moderate
6 Ratio & Proportions 4 Easy
7 Averages 1 Moderate
8 Permutation & Combination 7 Moderate
9 Alligations 1 Moderate
10 Simple & Compound Interest 2 Easy-Moderate
11 Quadratic Equation 4 Easy-Moderate
12 Geometry & Mensuration 15 Easy-Moderate
13 Number Series 4 Moderate
14 Probability 5 Moderate

Evaluation: This section was easy to solve because of the moderate level of the questions. Questions were based on easy concepts. Most of the questions were very straight forward with only simple concepts and their direct application. Basic knowledge of the subject could make the section easy to crack. Only constraint was of time. Comfortable Attempt: 30 questions in 30-35 minutes *Disclaimer:All the above given information is based on personal opinion of hitbullseye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.

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