Symbiosis Center of Management and Human Resource Development, Pune

Being a part of the premier university, Symbiosis Center of Management and Human Resource Development has made its mark in the competitive world of providing quality education. The centre is among the top colleges that offer the most prestigious programmes in management and HRD. MBA from SCMHRD is said to be the best as the centre lets its students specialise in different fields of management and HRD to be the influential leaders of tomorrow. SCMHRD believes that wholesome knowledge is gained only through practical learning and experience in the industry. However, the curriculum for MBA at SCMHRD is intense to prepare the students to face severe conditions in the global market.  Besides, it makes them deliver their best in the industry, apart from academics, the centre tops in providing technical training to its students. Even the Symbiosis Centre of Management and HRD have an excellent placement record, as the professionals passing through their university delivery quality at their workplace and face the global market challenges with ease. Therefore, the students are well-versed with the dynamism of the industry as the university focuses on their holistic and academic development.
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