Galgotias University, Noida

Galgotias University is one of the premier institutions imparting higher education at its best. By providing quality education, the university has achieved a global status within a few years. Galgotias University has a vision to provide value-based education by encouraging students to indulge in research to come up with new ideas that enhance the quality of business and its operations. The university is devoted to excellence in research, creativity, innovation and teaching, which develops not just managers of tomorrow but leaders. The university offers a blend of programmes that enhance your professional and interpersonal skills, which help you in varied working environments. In addition, the curriculum is well versed and continuously evolves with the dynamics of the businesses. However, the School of Business at GU equips the students with professional and pragmatic skills that help them analyse and develop business strategies. With international collaborations, the students are exposed to the real business world and vast knowledge.
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