Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai

Wellingkar Institute of Management and Research nurtures the minds of thought leaders and experts through ingenious education. The institute entirely focuses on the training offered to the students with practical, creative and technology-driven programmes. With its unique course, named Masters in Management Studies (MMS), Wellingkar Institute is making multi-disciplinary skilled leaders for tomorrow. The pedagogy the teachers follow is only one of its kind and innovative. The classrooms are equipped with audio-visual facilities, which enable students to participate and interact with professionals across the world.
Library of this institute is almost two decades old and treasures knowledge and information. The institute has its own independent library with over 40,000 books on different aspects of management. Moreover, the library holds access to online journals and has a collection of 415 Indian and International journals. Study material in the form of audiobooks, video lectures and online database is also available in the library. Just like its advanced courses, the library is also very much advanced in technology. The library is fully automated with a barcode system, which has been quite helpful in accessing information quickly.
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