Institute of International Trade (IITrade), Kolkata

Institute of International Trade is one of the premier B-Schools in India providing E-learning courses in International Trade, Intellectual Property and International Taxation. The institute has enrolled students from different parts of the world to these courses and to spread the knowledge about international market operations. The faculty appointed at the institute includes distinguished professors from industry and academia. Besides, the institute has collaborated with and supported by various corporate sector professionals. However, IITrade ensures that the students participate and get thorough with the new ideas. Even there is a two-way flow of ideas between the industry and academia. The institute delves in with the continuously evolving market changes. The students are also encouraged to perform research to enhance their learning and understanding, which will impact each one of us. The flagship programmes at the institute are a gateway to umpteen opportunities in the emerging sector. Besides, the students have access to various job portals and career development services introduced to them. The curriculum of MBA is designed such that it prepares the student with all the required skills.
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