Kochi International Business School, Kochi

Kochi International Business School is driven by an enduring motivation to be one of the centres of excellence in the area of management education. The B-School visions to build a progressive institution and strives to meet the best standards of a world-class education. The institute has state-of-the-art infrastructure and labs that leave no place to enhance student’s learning experience. The business education not just leads to learning but practically experiment the theories to come up with new ideas to change the face of global business. The students are encouraged to research and come up with ideas which will benefit the market and the society at large. The faculty appointed at the institute is a team of industry professionals and academicians that use unique pedagogy to impart management education. The teachers have adopted interactive approaches that keep the students busy in the discussion, which leads to new ideas and knowledge transfer. Also, they have introduced two student-centric approaches –Problem-Based Learning and Case-Based Learning, which promotes active learning and participation of the students. With these approaches, students are exposed to real-life a business experience that impacts their learning and evaluation of concepts.
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