Amrita School of Business, Kochi

Amrita School of Business offers contemporary and quality education in the field of management. The postgraduate management courses taught at the institute impart knowledge not to make a living alone but to understand life too. Students are encouraged to research and be beneficial for the society by being the key stakeholders. The university is a multi-disciplinary research institution. The institution envisions to an outstanding institution that strives to be a transformative power in the society by providing students with value-based education. The institute of management works on three principles, and that is –education for life, global impact and compassion driven research. The institute is the Alma Mater of CEOs, VPs, Management Heads and much more. All of the alumni are placed at leading companies of India and Abroad. The students who complete their post-graduation from here have a multi-disciplinary skill set that prepares them for a life-long career.
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