JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

A generous initiative by JK Organisation to open a public university has been doing wonders since the university was established. JK Lakshmipat University is a place where the students are the centre of everything the university desires to do. JK Lakshmipat University is built by the industry experts to provide education to the business leaders of tomorrow and to develop their skills to serve the global market. Students taking up an MBA degree at JK Lakshmipat University will have domain knowledge and training for facing business challenges. Teaching methods used by teachers are combined with academic and application-led practical experience. The students study contemporary and relevant subjects, which will benefit them in the business landscape. The curriculum designed is based on a holistic approach built through ground-breaking themes and learning-by-doing, which offers in-depth domain knowledge along with the perspective to develop professionals and leaders for tomorrow. The motto of the university is to make students ‘life ready’ and not ‘job ready’. To serve this purpose, the students are well trained by the professionals and groomed to be able to handle the challenges.
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