School of Inspired Learning, Gurgaon

School of Inspired Leadership started as an institute that aims at creating a new lineage of leaders. Keeping in mind the view of today’s businesses, SOIL strives to produce leaders that are capable of operating in the different business environment to contribute to the social good of the industry. The leader who will manage such businesses must achieve the ecological balance and maintain the highest ethical standards. The institute uses unique pedagogy that prepares the leaders to the planets and profits other than focussing on share values. SOIL offers postgraduate programmes for working professionals. The admission process is rigorous; however, the students with a minimum of two years of working experience are eligible to pursue this one-year course in Business Leadership, and Human Resource Leadership. Besides, the placements of the institute are best in the industry. Being situated in Gurgaon, the institute has an advantage of meeting the influential business leaders and learn from them. Also, the city is a hub of MNCs, with over 500 MNCs headquartered. SOIL is well equipped with all the resources and modern amenities that improve the student experience and let them explore the industry.
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