JK Business School- Gurugram

The business world has become increasingly complex, dynamic and interdependent. Therefore students keen to start their careers in the corporate sector should equip themselves with the requisite academic knowledge and skillset to survive the competition. J K Business School is committed to providing quality business education to hone the talent of the young students. Students pursuing PGDM course from J K Business School acquire knowledge related to varied academic disciplines such as marketing, finance, human resource management etc. The PGDM students benefit from a number of programmes such as Business Analytics Workshop, Case Writing Workshop, Summer Internship Programme etc. The meritorious students also benefit through the Student Exchange Programme under GHSGIS scheme which gives them a chance to study along with other management students belonging to other countries. Many activities are conducted by the college authorities that help these PGDM students in building team spirit, leadership qualities, stress management skills and lastly help in developing a problem-solving approach. To realize your dream of working in a top MNC, join JK Business School for higher management studies.
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