IILM – Lodhi Road (New Delhi), Gurugram, Greater Noida

In the year1993, IILM Institute for Higher Education was established. For students interested in pursuing management, IILM offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management in three campuses. Apart from academic learning, students have to be a part of the experiential learning process through programmes such as ‘Global Study’, ‘International Trek’ and ‘Company Visits’, ‘Business Simulation’, and ‘Case studies’. Students also have the option to pursue “IIMBx Advanced Certification courses” in areas such as ‘Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship & Financial Markets.’ Students pursuing management at IILM broaden their horizons by being a part of Entrepreneurship Development Centre. In this centre, students get personalized mentoring, get to interact with subject experts, understand networking, attend workshops and seminars which adds to their knowledge quotient.  Students will get a chance to be placed in top private and public sector companies to post completion of their management course.
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