Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

Xavier University Bhubaneswar is an institute that provides quality management education to the bright students across the globe. The University was set up to provide students with a world-class education in different fields and produce young entrepreneurs. The University inherits the rich heritage of Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar, which is a premier B-School in the nation. Xavier University has a mission to inspire the future generations that aspire to study at a top-class University and get quality education from highly qualified teachers. The University lives up to its vision of faith and spiritual inspiration and endeavours to fabricate a fair-minded and compassionate society. Presently, the University hosts ten schools that offer Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral programmes in different disciplines. However, the best thing about the University is, they stand by the poor and support them in their struggles. Moreover, they work towards the upliftment of the society and provide them with work to empower them.
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