Wellingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Bangalore

Wellingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, which is also known as WeSchool, is operated by S.P. Mandali Trust. The institution is one of the few institutions that have bridged the gap between academics and the industry.  Also, WeSchool is said to be the torchbearer for progressive higher education in the state today. The B-School has the vision to nurture the young leaders and practitioners through innovative education. The institute has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that enhances the learning of the students. The faculty at the institute is a team of professionals and industry experts who have taken management education a step forward to diminish the distance between education and industry. The teachers practice a unique pedagogy that encourages the students to practically relate to the business situations and come up with solutions that would help in long-run. The institute follows a result-oriented process-driven work ethic that has benefitted the student learning and experience.
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