National School of Business, Bangalore

The architecture of NSB speaks of how distinctive and futuristic the B-School is! At National School of Business, students think beyond their textbooks and classroom teaching, which makes NSB an awesome B-School. The B-School provides its students with a sustainable and balanced environment to develop the young minds and build them into the leaders of tomorrow. The campus has an ‘S’ shaped building which represents Success and Sustainability. However, the dynamic building architecture puts into action a learning-oriented environment along with formal exteriors. Keeping aside the traditional methods of learning, NSB offers its students wide spaces that will enhance their learning experience, expose them to various challenges, and for MBA students, it embarks innovation. The institution believes that it is the best B-School that focuses on providing academic spaces to students where knowledge, intelligence and imagination meet. Achieving its goals in the short-term, NSB is on its way to becoming a centre of excellence for management education determined by value and holistic educational approach.
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