M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management Bengaluru

The Ramaiah University is a private university, and it provides a host of professional courses in many academic disciplines. The University believes in dissemination of knowledge through various modes such as training, seminars, workshops, industry- interface. The Faculty of Management and Commerce offers two- year full time post-graduate courses in management. The University provides specialization in the field of Human Resouces Management, Financial Management, Operations Management and many more fields. Another specialized management course in the area of Hospital Administration is offered to students where they receive an MHA degree. After gaining a management degree from Ramaiah University students will not face any problem in getting jobs as Bengaluru is a metropolitan city and many private and government organizations have offices here. Another distinguishing feature of the Ramaiah University is that it offers opportunity for collaborative research and industry-relevant projects to address marketing challenges faced by different private sector organizations. The University prepares the post- graduate management students to anticipate challenges faced by organizations and come up with solutions to cope up with such situations.
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