Nirma University, Ahmedabad

NIRMA University is built on the foundation of an influential culture that impacts its success and effectiveness. The university is motivated by certain principles, which it believes in and examines its function on the same basis. The university is student-centric as it lays more emphasis on the holistic growth of the students through various academic and co-curricular activities. The teaching methods followed are student-centred to which impacts their learning experience. However, the main focus is to make the students employable and to enhance entrepreneurship skills. Besides, the most important thing is to nurture multi-disciplinary skills that will enrich the learning skills and will stay for long with them. Since its inception, University has expanded to various departments. Now, the university comprises the Faculty of Technology, Management, Pharmacy, Science, Law, and many. The university offers graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes that rated highly by the accreditation agencies. The campus is entirely driven by innovation, quality and excellence.
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