Free IBSAT Mock Test 2024

IBSAT mock test 2024 is designed to get you ready for the exam day, in terms of knowledge about exam structure, time duration, difficulty level, and type of questions. Here, you can access the latest IBSAT mock test, developed by our experts.
IBSAT 2024
ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test (IBSAT) is a computer-based MBA entrance test conducted across India by the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education. It paves the way for MBA/PGPM/Ph.D. admissions at nine campuses of ICFAI Business School (IBS). IBSAT is one of the most challenging MBA entrance tests in our country, with thousands of test-takers competing for a limited number of seats.
In 2024, IBSAT is expected to take place in the 4th week of December, and its result will be declared by 1st week of January 2025 tentatively.
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IBSAT Mock Test 2024
Our mock tests are devised after a lot of research and analysis. These are based on the official exam structure and marking scheme. The duration of the IBSAT exam is 2 hours. There are 140 questions with no negative marking. The scope of the questions in the test includes reading comprehension, quantitative analysis, data adequacy, vocabulary, analytical reasoning and data interpretation. Here, you can login and take the IBSAT mock test 2024:
Tips to Solve IBSAT Mock Tests
IBSAT mock tests replicate the pattern and difficulty of the IBSAT in every respect. It will expose you to different types of test questions and help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus on them accordingly to improve your performance. Our robust testing engine furnishes a detailed question-wise analysis and an all-India percentile score which helps you know your relative position as compared to other test-takers across India.
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Please keep these things in mind while taking the Free IBSAT Mock Test:
  • IBSAT Mock is to be solved in a single go without any rest intervals. To get the maximum benefit, we’d suggest dividing your attempt into three phases. First, try to solve the more straightforward questions, as getting such questions right early on will boost your confidence. In the second round, work those questions, which are slightly tougher and so on.
  • Try to attain a balance between speed and accuracy. Giving mock tests like this one here will help immensely in reaching such a balance.
  • Develop a knack for selecting the right questions, attempt very complicated or time-consuming questions only once you are done solving the questions you are confident about.
  • It’d serve you well to conduct a thorough analysis of your performance in the mock test for IBSAT. It will help you outline your weak and strong areas, and improve your score in IBSAT.
Official IBSAT Mock Test 2024
It is to be noted that ICFAI conducts an official mock test before the exam. For the upcoming session, the IBSAT mock will be available from mid-November to mid-December, 2024. The test can only be taken once, and the top 100 rankers are given prizes. To apply for it, visit the official site.
Apart from mock tests, it is essential that you practice previous year papers of IBSAT.
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FAQs about IBSAT 2024
1. How many questions are on the IBSAT exam?
There are 140 multiple-choice questions in IBSAT, each carrying one mark. While the verbal ability has a total of 50 questions, all other sections (reading comprehension, quantitative ability, analytical reasoning, data interpretation have 30 questions each.
2. How do I prepare for IBSAT?
To prepare for IBSAT, you must have a good understanding of basic concepts and then put them into practice with mock tests and sample papers. You must also refer to previous year papers to learn about ongoing trends of the IBSAT questions.
3. Does IBS Hyderabad accept CAT score?
Yes, from 2020, all the campuses of IBS accept CAT scores. In fact, the scores of GMAT, NMAT, and XAT are also accepted.
4. Is IBSAT given from home?
Yes, you can take IBSAT at home, as it is held in remote-proctored online mode. This has continued from the time of covid-19.
5. Is it worth joining IBS Mumbai?
Yes, it is! IBS Mumbai is one of the top campuses of ICFAI. Besides, being situated in the financial capital of India, the institute prides on having some of the leading recruiters, as consistent placement partners.
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