IBSAT 2020 Analysis

IBSAT 2020 was conducted on December 26 and December 27, 2020, by ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad in a home proctored internet-based test format. The examination conducted was in lines with the IBSAT 2019. The overall difficulty level of the exam was from easy to moderate. The exam was conducted in 2 hours where candidates attempted 140 questions divided into four sections –Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation.  
The expert faculty at Hitbullseye brings you the IBSAT 2020 Comprehensive Analysis of the exams conducted on December 26 and December 27, 2020. This analysis will help the candidates in analyzing their overall performance in the examination. 
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Key Points for IBSAT 2020 exam
  • IBSAT exam was conducted 26 & 27 December 2020. The exam was conducted in Home Proctored Internet-Based Test format. The exam was as expected and was similar in the lines with IBSAT 2019. Most students after appearing for the exam are curious to calculate their score. The IBSAT 2020 comprehensive analysis will be able to help students to assess their performance. Moreover, the IBSAT 2020 analysis will provide a background to future IBSAT aspirants.
  • IBSAT 2020 has 140 questions, which were to be completed in 2 hours, distributed across 4 sections. There was no sectional cut-off and no sectional time limit in this exam. Each question carries 1 mark. 
  • The English section has more weightage in the IBSAT entrance as can be observed from the previous year’s test analysis. Therefore, the students had to prepare well to ace this section. Besides, the reading comprehension section had passages of 500-900 words, which required great command over reading and understanding the concepts to be able to answer the questions.
  • The quantitative section was of moderate level of difficulty. However, the candidates who have great mental math skills had an advantage, as they could solve the questions well in time. 
  • For Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency, students who have great logical and reasoning skills would ace the section. In comparison with IBSAT 2019, IBSAT 202 had questions based on pie graphs, line graphs etc. Few other questions were on the percentage change, the ratio between two values, etc.
  • Time management and question selection are two essential skills that need to be built to excel in IBSAT 2020 exam. This will also help the future IBSAT aspirants in attempting the exam in the stipulated time with a great accuracy rate. 
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IBSAT 2020 Exam Pattern
Number of Questions
Marks per Question
Total Marks
Verbal Ability
Reading Comprehension
Quantitative Aptitude
Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation
IBSAT 2020 Exam Analysis
The expert faculty at Hitbullseye has compiled a comprehensive analysis of IBSAT 2020. The IBSAT 2020 comprehensive analysis will help the candidates in analysing their performance as well as serve as the background for the future IBSAT aspirants. 
Verbal Ability – The section has more weightage than others, hence, it is one of the important sections in IBSAT. The section has a total of 50 questions with a total weightage of 50 marks. IBSAT 2020 Verbal Ability section had similar questions to IBSAT 2019. The topics from which the questions were asked from are – Meaning of Idiom/Phrases, Antonym, Jumbled Paragraphs, Synonyms, Cloze Passage, and Word Analogy etc. Candidates who have attempted the section with an accuracy rate of 85 can easily ace the section. Since there is no negative marking, candidates would have easily attempted the questions, which were easy to moderate level of difficulty. 
Reading Comprehension – This time-consuming section consisted of 4 passages of 500 to 900 words each. Candidates who have a great reading speed and understanding can easily attempt the section in the given time. 
Topics of Reading Comprehension were –
  • Passage 1 – A Celestial Star (500 words)
  • Passage 2 –Earthquake (800 words)
  • Passage 3 – Election and Economy (800 words)
  • Passage 4 – Ecosystem (900 words)
Candidates who have attempted 20-22 questions in the stipulated time with an accuracy rate of 82-86 % will score well in this section. 
Quantitative Ability – In this section, the candidate had to attempt 30 questions. The questions asked were based on Percentages, likelihood, progressions, work problems, ratio of proportion, distance and time, heights etc. Candidates with great calculation skills were likely to have an advantage, as they would have been able to attempt the questions in the given time. Based on the previous year’s trends, candidates who have attempted 16-18 questions have attempted the section well in the stipulated time. 
Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation – This section was one of the most time-consuming sections in comparison with the reading comprehension section. Candidates who had a great command over logical and reasoning skills enjoyed solving this section. Questions in this section were based on Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic, Caselet, Pie + Bar etc. In comparison with IBSAT 2019, the difficulty level of this exam was of moderate difficulty level. 
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The IBSAT 2020 results will be announced soon and the selection process will begin right after. Hope the comprehensive analysis helped you in analysing your performance.
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