BIMTECH celebrates 31st Foundation Day

BIMTECH recently celebrated its foundation day by organizing an 8-day gala event called ‘SABRANG Utsav - A plethora of cultural and literary events’ where a host of renowned artists of the country performed traditional and modern dance, music, recitals, fun and entertainment activities.
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
Sabrang is a unique endeavour of BIMTECH that strives to uphold art and culture. The institution celebrates the Birla legacy of tradition and knowledge in the form of 8-day long carnival of art, culture, values, society and knowledge termed as ’Sabrang Utsav’, conceptualized by Director H Chaturvedi.
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
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BIMTECH campus witnesses an overwhelming congregation of many talented intellectuals and artists during the entire 8-day event. The abode of knowledge is smoothly transitioned into a house of pure culture after dusk on each day. Every thread of the campus echoes with the motive of preserving the diversity and the decades old inheritance.
This year BIMTECH flagged off its 31st Foundation Day Celebration with mesmerizing performances which reflected the credo and guiding principle of the institute - “Excellence with Values”. The celebrations began on September 29, 2018 with a captivating drama performance by the RANGLOK group, Agra on RAMLEELA elaborating how people have turned Ramlila Art and Dharam into business.
Continuing the joyous and cheerful celebration, Asmita Theatre of New Delhi performed a captivating play called ‘PAGADI SAMBHAL JATTA’ based on the struggles of Bhagat Singh and his companions for India’s independence. The play highlighted the kind of dreams Bhagat Singh used to envision, his debates, ideologies and life philosophy.
The group also performed on a gratifying drama called explaining if Nathuram Godse had not killed Mahatma Gandhi, how then the scenario would have panned out and how a conversation between them would have taken place.
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
On 2nd October the day started with a New Social Initiative of BIMTECH: WOW (World on Wheels) which is an wonderful mobile digital literacy program of Hewlett Packard. The event was graced by Mr. Arun Maira, former member of the Planning Commission of India and former chairman of Boston Consulting Group, India, who talked about the legacy of the institute and the kind of connection that the founders had with Gandhiji himself. Also, the chief guest, director and other esteemed faculty unveiled the statue of Mahatma Gandhi which was Padamshri Sudarshan Sahu.
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
The Food conduit of the institute organised a “Community Feast” in which food was served to different communities, then to staff members, followed by students and faculty.
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
The Ranganathan Society of the institute organised “Blood Donation Drive” in which students donated their blood and supported the society.
Preserving the ancient art form of India, events like Kathak recital and JASHNE-E-QAWWALI also left the audience enthralled. Nuances of traditional forms of classical dance & music were perfectly blended with present day structures of learning to make this saga a cherishable memory.
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
BIMTECH's Foundation day celebration
BIMTECH has an integrated culture, a mix of nationalities, backgrounds, academic and different professional experiences which makes it one of the most exciting and enriching business schools in the country.
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BIMTECH established in 1988 under the aegis of the Birla Academy of Art and Culture takes pride in being an institution where every student can find an avenue for growth and success by being a part of the community where everyone strives to find the best in themselves and others. The institute works hard in collaboration with students to create a positive environment where every individual’s strengths and talents are enhanced and celebrated.
BIMTECH firmly believes that academic excellence alone is not enough. Therefore, the institute promotes a proactive approach to forming good characters in all scholars by providing a programme that would help students to remember that the responsibility of one’s actions is the underlying principles for accomplishments in life.
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