Test Analysis - Bull TISS 02

Overall Brief

On the whole the level of the test was easy to moderate. Many of the questions were of easy & moderate level barring a few difficult questions so the key to getting a good percentile was selection of questions so as to leave difficult questions and save the time for easy and moderate level questions.

MBA Masterclass
Easy Questions:
1-5,7-28, 30

The Quant and DI section was very easy with 28 easy and only 2 medium level questions. Most of questions from Quant were from the topics like Percentage (6 easy questions), SI/CI (5 easy), and Basic Algebra (1 easy & 1 medium), Time speed and distance (1 easy). The other topics with lesser number of questions were ratio (3 easy), Profit & Loss (5 easy), and stocks & shares (2 easy).
Reasoning had questions from topics namely Series (all 3 easy), Odd man out (1 easy) and syllogism (2 easy & 1 medium). There was no question on either Tables or graphs.
In order to generate a percentile of 90+ a student should have ideally attempted around 26 - 28 questions with 90% accuracy.

Easy Questions:

This section was easy to moderate. The set of questions (31, 36, 38, 39, 44, 53, and 54) was based on vocabulary. All questions were easy Except questions (31 & 38), which were moderate. Next set of questions (32-35),(49-52) was based on reading comprehension. 1st passage Q (32-35) talked about the fact that how political things can affect social life. All questions were factual and easy. 2nd passage Q (49-52) talked about an interesting fact that how a man should react to a sudden danger. Questions were based on factual analysis and vocabulary. All questions were easy except Q (50) which was of medium level. Questions (40-43) were based on complete Para Jumbling. All questions were easy. Questions (45-48) were based on sentence completion. All questions were easy except Questions (47, 48) which were of medium level. Last set of questions (55-60) was based on analogies. All questions were easy except Questions (58, 59) which were difficult. One should have done 26-28 questions with 80-85% accuracy to get 90%ile.

Easy Questions:

The section was easy to moderate. The section had a variety of questions ranging from business and economy, environment, sports, environment, International and national, finance and banking, science and technology, books and authors to Current GK. One has to do 22-24 questions with 80-85% accuracy to get 90%ile.

Strategy & Tips

The overall feel of the paper was easy to moderate. Reasoning was having mostly easy questions. So the strategy was simply to follow the instructions carefully given in the questions and to only attempt the easy questions by carefully selecting them. While the strategy for Quant part would be to keep on solving the questions coming on your way and straight away leaving the questions in which you were likely to stick due to difficult calculations. In verbal section, focus should have been on reading comprehension and vocabulary which covered almost 70% of the paper. For GK, one should focus on those questions which one knows rather than wasting time.

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