DI Hacks for CAT 2022

Are you good at solving DI problems but take time to arrive at the answers? Do you feel that you have good accuracy but lack the speed while solving DI problems? After all, acing CAT requires a fine synthesis of accuracy and speed. If you’re one such aspirant, worry not. Understanding your need, team Hitbullseye has compiled an e-book that will help you boost your ability to do mental calculations and improve your calculation speed.
To improve your performance in Data Interpretation section of the CAT exam, our experts have composed an eBook focused on its common types of sets and questions.
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CAT Data Interpretation
DI is a crucial part of CAT exam and features different kinds of graphs and charts. This part is usually calculation-intensive and entails a good hold over tricks, formulae, and shortcuts. However, there is no one fixed way to tackle DI questions. So, it is extremely important to practice a variety of sets in order to build accuracy and speed in the section. Our eBook is designed to fulfil the same purpose. Listed below are the main contents of our CAT DI eBook:
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CAT DI eBook will help you with the concepts, tricks, and solved questions of the following:
  • Percentage change
  • Tables
  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Graphs
  • Line Graphs
Get the eBook and kickstart regular practice of the typical DI questions of CAT exam.
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