100 Must Solve CAT Quant Questions

Now that CAT 2017 is around the corner, it is time to amp up your preparation strategy. Rather than focusing on the basic concepts of all the topics, you should focus on the areas which are critical from the exam point of view. This strategy becomes all the more relevant when it comes to the Quantitative Ability Section of CAT. This section is a game changer section and performing well in it will propel your CAT percentile.
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As mentioned above, now is the time to have a focused approach and practice important questions. To help you in this, we bring to you an E-book which has 100 questions based on important concepts which have been asked in previous CATs and there is a great likelihood that these concepts will be asked in CAT 2017.
Click on the following link to download this E - book:
Strategy Guide for CAT 2017
This book will be a great help for you as it will provide:
  • 100 Questions based on all relevant topics for CAT Quant Section. Namely: Number System, Averages, Mixtures, Algebra, Time-Speed-Distance, Geometry, Venn Diagrams, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Profit & Loss Modern Math, Probability, Permutations & Combinations
  • Detailed Explanations of all the questions
  • Shortcuts, tips, and tricks to solve these questions in the minimum time
Use this book to give final touches to your CAT 2017 Preparation. In case of any query or suggestion feel free to leave a comment.
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