Sometimes all it takes is Perseverance and Self-Belief

Hi I want to share my story with Hitbullseye. I was once a student in 2014 and currently I am working with Hitbullseye in 2020.
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One thing that I was absolutely sure about was that I always wanted to do an MBA. In the third year of my Graduation, I enrolled for the MBA course and I still remember the excitement of attending classes. I got hooked and developed keen interest in the syllabus especially Quant and who would have thought I will like it so much that I will end up teaching it :p
The faculty that taught me once are now in the same recording room discussing strategies with students and taking live classes. It is a different experience! You will fall in love with the Hitbullseye portal and I bet you won’t be able to finish scanning the complete resources.
I enjoyed watching the videos on Hitbullseye YouTube page especially the GD PI videos. I think it was then that I started exploring the craft of video making. If you check out now, You will find my videos on Strategy and Interview preparation :p
So, to tell you my story, I could only score an 85 percentile in my CAT 2015 and rather took my first job in Chandigarh. I knew I skipped a lot of topics and I was good at solving questions from topics I have covered. I kept my preparation on and even went to the faculties on weekends for doubts. I gave the CAT 2016 and got 98.3 percentile. (not kidding :P) and I went to IIM Rohtak.
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So, this is my Success story. I believe that preparing for CAT is second step, the first step is deciding to do an MBA. One should not hesitate to sit for the MBA entrance exams multiple times. One must prepare for the syllabus not just for exam but for life in general!
Maybe you also end up in the EdTech Industry :P
Palash Gupta
B.E. Electrical PEC
98.3 CAT 2016
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