SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme (GMP) – Empowering Global Careers

Why should one consider doing an MBA abroad?
People pursue graduation in management for two reasons – one, to learn the nuances of running a company and second to seek employment.  For those seeking employment, the primary reason is to be placed in a big corporation. Some may pursue an MBA to build a network of people. 
Studying an MBA abroad:
  • gives exposure to learning business management principles and practices from a global perspective
  • opportunity to learn from visiting faculty & industry experts who share their experiences and make learning exciting
  • opens doors for employment worldwide
  • helps build a network of the future who-is-who from a panorama of the corporate world
What is SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme (GMP)?
S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research commenced in 1981 when the then British Prime Minister, the late Hon. Margaret Thatcher inaugurated it.  SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme commenced in 2010 (erstwhile Post Graduate Certificate in International Management). 
SPJIMR’s GMP is offered in partnership with 7 well known global business schools. SPJIMR has been built on collaborating with multinational faculty and alumni, that is the crux of globalization.
In order to provide a synthesis of eastern ethos and western efficiency, SPJIMR provides a diversified learning experience through its GMP. The programme collaborates with top FT-ranked reputed European and US B-Schools to offer a learning experience and a value proposition in line with your long-term global career aspirations. GMP partners with 3 B-Schools in Europe and 4 in the US. The programme provides exposure to general management courses, with a focus on electives to prepare participants for specializations at Partner Schools. 
The GMP track of 6 months is considered as a semester completed at SPJIMR, before students embark into the next semesters with the Partner Schools. The GMP certificate is awarded upon completion of the programme, independent of the Degree (MBA or MS) by the Partner Schools.
Parallel to none in terms of pedagogy, curriculum, non-classroom learning and alumni engagement, GMP provides a unique financial value proposition, dual alumni status and global internships and career opportunities.
SPJIMR’s Rankings:  
  • With an AACSB accreditation, SPJIMR has been consistently ranked among the top five management institutions in India. It features in the top 200 in the QS Global MBA rankings for the second successive year.
  • SPJIMR is ranked 39th in the world and 2nd in India amongst Indian B-Schools according to the prestigious Financial Times 2021 Rankings.
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January/June Admissions
GMP is offered in two cohorts – January and June every year. The January batches focus primarily on the US Partner Schools. The June batches focus primarily on European Partner Schools.
  • Duration of GMP at SPJIMR, Mumbai is 6 months
  • The total tuition fees for GMP is Rs.6,50,000 + GST
  • US programmes are STEM-designated
  • Brandeis provides merit-based scholarships to the extent of 100%
January Admissions
June Admissions
Best Indian and International Faculty at SPJIMR's GMP
The GMP faculty is a mix of both core internal, visiting & international faculty who come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. A rich and lively student-teacher interaction is at the heart of SPJIMR's success. Our faculty members are known to be great teachers, who can bring alive the subject, encourage critical thinking and offer a wider, holistic perspective that is critical in today's complex business environment. The teaching-learning process at SPJIMR is vastly enriched by a series of non-classroom initiatives through which our faculty help build among participants the right attitudes to enable them lead with purpose, meaning and with an idea of service to society.
Our Faculty
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What are the benefits of SPJIMR’s GMP?
  • GMP certificate from SPJIMR + MBA/MS from FT-ranked US/Europe partner schools
  • 100%, merit-based scholarships available
  • Facilitation of collateral free loans from banks
  • High ROI , affordable fees and dual alumni status
  • STEM-designated programmes offering 3-year OPT(Optional Practical Training)
  • Internship and career support from US/Europe Partner Schools
  • Regular career counselling by established alumni in US and Europe
  • Exposure to a multicultural learning and work environment
Who can enrol for SPJIMR’s GMP?
The eligibility criteria are as follows:
  • A Graduation degree in any stream with 60% and above
  • Candidates in final year of graduation can also apply (For June intake)
  •  GMAT (min 550) or GRE (min 300) or CAT or XAT (min 80 percentile)
  • Amongst US schools, UMD Smith School of Business and USC Marshall School of Business require language proficiency:
    • Minimum IELTS score of 7 or, 
    • Minimum TOEFL score of 100
  • If you do not have a GRE/GMAT/CAT/XAT/IELTS/TOEFL score, you can still complete the GMP Application form and apply as a deferred candidate. 
  • Both freshers and candidates with work experience are eligible to apply
Programme Architecture 
The pedagogies driving GMP architecture can be presented as follows: 
  • Inclusion of subjects that makes a full-time SPJIMR programme
  • Inclusion of subjects that are fundamental to Management education
  • Inclusion of subjects that build a foundation to take on further semesters at Partner Schools
  • Inclusion of subjects that are required by the Partner Schools towards completion of one semester at SPJIMR 
The curriculum focuses on General Management and the specialisations in management disciplines, cross-cultural communications, negotiations, and international business leadership and strategy. The curriculum has a global flavour.
The programme has three phases –
  • Foundation Courses: covers Science of Spirituality, Learning to Learn, Business Communication, Personal Growth Lab etc.
  • Compulsory Courses: covers Global Macroeconomics, Business Research Methods, Marketing Management, Management Accounting etc.
  • Electives: covers Business Analytics, Project management, Supply chain management, Digital Marketing, Capital Markets etc.
The three phases come with classroom and non-classroom sessions and simulated sessions to expose the students to various levels of learning. 
The student earns between 0.5 to 2.0 credits in each course (consisting of sixteen, seventy-minute sessions). The course runs through pre and post reading, assignments, group activities, tests, and quizzes.
Every student has to take 27 credits for successful completion of GMP. As several of these courses that are required are aligned with the Partner School’s first semester, the grades are transferred to the Partner School towards completion of their semester while the participant is in SPJIMR. On completion, the final degree is awarded by the Partner School, along with the GMP certification. The programme offered in collaboration with GMP are FT ranked and high level of acceptance to ensure easy access to internship and placement opportunities.
The benefits of SPJIMR’s GMP in comparison to an Indian MBA is as follows:
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Employment opportunities:
After completion of the general management courses at SPJIMR’s GMP, studying in renowned Partner Schools, have a large database of potential employers and opens a plethora of work opportunities internationally. Around 85% of GMP alumni work in Europe and the US.
Global Networking:
The networking in many ways will start at the university level, and that is one of the most significant benefits of doing SPJIMR’s GMP.
Diversity in faculty, peer learning and research:
After completion of SPJIMR’s GMP, you join a Partner School’s following semester along with their ongoing batches, often comprising over 40 nationalities. Diversity in the form of faculty, peer learning, business environment and exposure to global corporate leaders and businesses make the difference in learning experience. Participants interested in academic research collaborate with SPJIMR and Partner School faculty to publish or sometimes pursue further studies from the same Partner School.
International experience:
Embarking on a global career with SPJIMR’s GMP, adds a differentiating factor to your resume and enhances your marketability multiple times.
Reduced cost and other benefits:
The collaboration with Partner Schools helps to maintain tuition fees at bay with added benefits like alumni network, buddy system with alumni, career support and internships that enhances employability opportunities.
Communication and Organizational Skills:
When you are out of your home country, and away from your countrymen, you evolve as a person and your communication skills improve in leaps and bounds. Along with independence, organizational skills come, too.
GMP has a proven and consistent track record of 100% placement assistance from career cells in the Partner Schools. The average expected salary after internship varies between $85,000 to $1,20,000 per annum in the US and between €45,000 to €65,000 in Europe.
Our Alumni
SPJIMR boasts of impressive alumni. Apart from the infrastructure and learning experience, it is the achievements of the alumni that tell the success story and create a milestone to follow for future aspirants. The alumni of SPJIMR's GMP are creating history in several corners of the world with their successes. Just a few from the big list:
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We can go on with many more names from the cornucopia of success stories of the SPJIMR alumni. But now that you have an idea of the future that awaits students of SPJIMR’s GMP, you only need to follow your dream.
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