Placement Journey at TAPMI

The T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) is a centre of business excellence located in the international university town, Manipal (Karnataka), with over 30 years of experience. The Institute has a unbroken record of 100% placements for over 20 years. The average CTC was Rs. 12.5 lakhs during the placement season for the batch of 2020-22 recording the growth of 13.6 percent over previous year. The placement at the Institute is a result amalgam of several non-curriculum initiatives listed below:
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  1. Professional Development Program (PDP) – All the students admitted at the Institute will undergo the PDPs spread across both first and second year. The objective of PDP is to identify and bridge the gaps between the student readiness and the industry expectations from the management graduate. The PDP program included activities/workshops on adopting best practices in CV building, mock interviews conducted by the industry mentors and interaction with industry expert about the recent developments in the job market. The outcome of the PDP is that a graduate start planning his career instead of the first job.
  2. Corporate Engagement Initiatives - TAPMI has adopted multi-pronged strategy to build fruitful relationship with the corporates.
    1. First, strengthen the relationship with existing recruiters and establishing connection with recently lapsed accounts (companies which recruited in last 3 years and did not recruit in the current year). Focus on placing students in good companies for internship which will lead to the pre-placement offers (PPOs). Further, soliciting the live project opportunities from the recruiters to showcase the student capabilities to the companies.
    2. Second, inviting the HR managers to the to the three-day event ‘Disha’, where the HR managers will deliver series of lectures/panel discussion. This conclave aims to initiate an intellectual dialogue between distinguished delegates and throw some light upon the criticality of various management disciplines to the corporate world.
    3. Third, the Institute organizes guest lecture series named Ignite. Due to the travel restrictions due to the pandemic the Ignite is conducted in the webinar format. The event acts as a platform for students to learn from corporate leaders and management practitioners and develop relevant skills necessary to thrive in the ever-changing world of business. During 2020-21, TAPMI has organised 151 guest lectures in Ignite series which included speakers from 148 organisations. On an average 50 students actively participated in each lecture.
    4. T. A. Pai Young HR leader – TAPMI is the knowledge partner to ‘Great Manager Award’ instituted by People Business for the last three years. TAPMI is engaged in the process of nomination, screening, and evaluation process. Further, TAPMI is the title sponsor for the ‘T. A. Pai Young HR Leaders’ is an award to recognize and honor HR leaders in the country. The award highlights and brings to the fore, innovations and industry leading people practices, the impact of which is not just limited to organizations but also on the society and the profession at large. The award received over 250 nominations for the year 2021. Involvement in these awards initiates and stimulates the awareness among the HR leaders about the Institute.
    5. Young Leader program (YLP) – TAPMI aims to produce industry relevant graduates capable of taking leadership roles while navigating through volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Towards this determination, TAPMI provides a unique opportunity to its immensely talented students to be part of an ambitious, action oriented and future focused Young Leaders Programme. The industry partners include reputed organisations such as Lamborgini, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, DSP Investment Managers, Virtusa and Aethereus Consulting.
    6. Advisory Board - Each programme has the advisory board which meets at least once a year to discuss and suggest the curriculum changes based on the industry trends. The advisory board consists chiefly of business leaders from varied sectors.
    7. Co-design and co-delivery electives - The Institute maintains industry-academia connect for regular teaching as well. There are about 30 business leaders who work as visiting faculty and teach various specialized courses. Students have always appreciated this as they get to listen to the experiences of the current practitioners and the practices.
  3. Internship and Live Projects - All the students of TAPMI are required to complete an 8-week internship with a company as part of program. The internship project will be assigned to the students by the respective organisation they are interning with. The internship has four important objectives. First, the students will get an opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the business operation and the decision-making process. Second, they will get a chance to apply the concepts and the research methods learnt in the classroom to solve a business issue they are working with. Third, the internship will enable them to network with top business leaders. Finally, the internship will lead to pre-placement offers (PPO). During the internship, students are mentored by an industry mentor and a faculty mentor. The Institute was able to achieve 100 percent placement for all the internship candidates during all the previous three years.
  4. Live project is a new initiative to create a parallel learning track for students. In design, it works like a summer internship but with flexibility in terms of duration and timing. Students work on a live project for 8-10 weeks under the expert guidance of an industry guide and the mentorship of a faculty guide. The live projects ongoing/completed during the academic year, 2020- 21, cover areas of digital marketing, talent acquisition, a futuristic workplace, market intelligence, financial reporting and derivatives research. Some of the key clients providing live projects are Titan Industries Ltd., Britannia Industries Ltd., Shriram Capital and Airbus.
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  1. Strong Alumni Interaction – The TAPMI alumni are extremely well in their career at leadership roles across the sectors. We organize a webinar series ‘Aspire’ acting as a platform for students to network and learn from alumni who are in senior roles in their respective organizations. During 2020-21, TAPMI has organized 93 guest lectures in Aspire series which included speakers from 80 organisations. Besides Aspire series, the Corporate Engagement (CE) team curated a 2-day program on HR Analytics titled “HR Analytics Program: A Coding Agnostic Approach”. The program was offered exclusively to TAPMI alumni with an aim to strengthen the bond with alumni community.
  2. Student Leadership Team – The TAPMI has a very vibrant student corporate engagement team responsible for driving the internship and final placement process. The student team engages with the potential recruiters, schedules the placement (both summer and final) process (pre-placement talks, recruitment process etc.) and organizes the interaction with alumni/industry experts to aid their colleagues to do well in the placement process. The last two seasons of placements were entirely virtual. The students were spread across entire India posing a connectivity challenge. However, the student team responded to the changed circumstances very quickly and made the process go seamless for both recruiters and students.
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