NMIMS Navi Mumbai Annual Music Fest

Navi Mumbai, February 2024 – SVKM’s NMIMS Navi Mumbai recently concluded its fourth edition of its highly successful annual music fest, Requiem. The three-day ‘Indie Oasis’ themed fiesta, which took place from 26 – 28 February 2024, was a celebration of music and also had a space for sports, trivia, etc. Focusing on holistic development, the festival aimed to foster an immersive learning experience with Music, and also undertook activities connected with social outreach; such as promoting social inclusivity in collaboration with NGOs, supporting local arts, craft and small businesses, beach cleaning drives and a plethora of culinary delights.
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Requiem 4.0 was inaugurated with a grand banner drop followed by an exquisite opening ceremony. The festival proved to be an enchanting mix of music, arts, sports, and social awareness. Highlights of the fest included music competitions on Bollywood solo, Classical,Western music, Battle of Bands, Power of Instruments and Rap-it-Out. The biggest attraction ‘Starnight’ featured performances by Raghav Chaitanya, Mahi Mukherjee and Kushal Mangal.
Other segments of the fest included the Indie Bazaar – a creative fusion of vibrant music and artisanal craftsmanship where each piece of art told stories of passion and perseverance, and the Craveyard – a culinary experience designed to satisfy every craving while grooving to eclectic beats. The fourth edition of the fest also featured exciting sporting events like Replay – a relay course filled with challenging tasks and fun twists for the participants. Requiem, in collaboration with NGOs, also hosted Aashayein – a fun-filled event dedicated to bringing joy to children, encouraging active participation and fostering creativity through various games and activities with prize incentives and tokens of appreciation.
Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, Director, SVKM’s NMIMS Navi Mumbai Campus, said, “Studies show that music stimulates divergent thinking, helps in elevating mood & reducing stress, strengthens physiological & psychological well-being. Through this fest, we aim to encourage participation in music, developing sense of appreciation of music as an art, provide an inclusive platform for artists from diverse backgrounds, sensitizing students to bring people together through a shared love for music and developing sensitivity of giving back to society. Our journey with Requiem has been truly amazing and it has been a privilege to host so many successful editions of the fest.”
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The event concluded on a high note with Starnight – a stage which saw both, music industry bigwigs and budding artists looking to make their mark, perform with equal love and joy for an amazing audience. The Music Committee of SVKM’s NMIMS, Navi Mumbai campus, was established to encourage musical talent among students, organises music fests regularly and Requiem continues to be one such celebration as a tribute to all the talented artists who dedicate their lives to creating memorable experiences for their audiences.
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