NMIMS School of Commerce

NMIMS School of Commerce is a part of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), a deemed-to-be university located in Mumbai, India. The School of Commerce offers undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration, and postgraduate (Master of Commerce) degree programs in commerce and management subjects. It is known for its rigorous curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and its commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education in the commerce and management fields.
Courses at NMIMS:
Bachelor of  Business Administration (BBA):
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) curriculum features a wide variety of core subjects that give students the opportunity to concentrate their studies in the final year on either the field of finance or marketing. These subjects include Business Analytics, Operations Research, Financial Statement Analysis, Marketing Analytics, Research Methodology, Strategic Management, and Law, as well as courses in Finance, Marketing, and Value Added Curricula like Entrepreneurship and B-Plan and programmes on Communication Skills.
Thsis prepares them to move on to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) or any further professional program. The course is divided into six semesters, and 36 subjects are covered over a three-year period, with six subjects taught each semester.
BBA Course Highlights:
  • Students can improve their critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities through this course.
  • Students are given the opportunity to gain practical experience and receive training in Advanced Excel, R, SAAS, and SPSS. It strengthens and develops both verbal and written communication skills, as well as life skills that are necessary for success in the professional field.
  • The courses are presented from a national and a global point of view.
  • Innovative education incorporates group work, projects, role plays, case studies, TEDx Talks, and Live internships.
  • In-class instruction is supplemented with outside activities, including workshops, expert speeches, and practical demonstrations organised by the institution.
  • After one year, there is a required internship in the social sector, and after two years, there is an internship in the corporate sector.
  • A demonstrated history of success in assisting graduates with finding the most suitable internships and jobs after completion of their undergraduate studies.
  • The campus is visited by reputable companies from Barilang, such as marketing, consultancy, e-commerce, and FMCG, to recruit newly graduated students.
  • Courses such as Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics contribute significantly to the development of knowledge in analytical skills.
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Who should do it?
  • Students from business families who wish to advance their businesses in this highly competitive and rapidly changing business climate.
  • Students that want to study at reputable institutions like HMs, NMIMS, IlFTs, etc.
  • Those individuals who are interested in pursuing professional courses such as actuarial science, business analytics, data science, etc., including CA, CIMA, CS, CFA, CPMR, etc.
  • Students that have aspirations of earning master's degrees from prestigious international colleges
  • Students who wish to work in reputable FMCG, banking and finance, insurance, and new-age start-ups as well as students who want to pursue professions in marketing, finance, and management at the national or worldwide level
Curriculums Offered:
The Bachelor of Business Administration programme consists of a variety of classes that are spread out over the course of three years (six semesters). These subject areas include
Research Methodology
Marketing Analytics
Financial Statement Analysis
Communication Skill Courses
Business Analytics
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship
Strategic Management
Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM):
The Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) programme is a 3-year duration programme that provides a comprehensive understanding of accounting, auditing, taxation, business and corporate law, as well as economics.
B.COM Course Highlights:
  • Students get in-depth theoretical and practical expertise in the courses provided, rather than a broad and global perspective of commerce, economics, and management.
  • Students get in-depth theoretical and practical expertise in the courses provided rather than a broad and global perspective of commerce, economics, and management.
  • Courses are intended to provide students with hands-on experience in various financial markets.
  • It cultivates and builds both the principles and the intricacies of commercial activity and the fundamentals of accounting and taxation, which are required for successful business management.
  •  Courses like Financial Planning and Wealth Management will refine your skills in money management and help you achieve your goal of becoming financially independent.
Who should do it?
  • Students interested in pursuing professional courses such as CA, CIMA, CS, CFA, CPMR, Actuarial Science, Business Analytics, Data Science, and so on.
  • Students who are looking to pursue careers in the banking, finance, and insurance industries as well as accounting businesses that have a national or international reputation and offer competitive salaries.
  • Students who have their sights set on enrolling in a master's degree programme at a reputable university, either nationally or internationally.
Curriculums Offered:
The Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree offers the whole program of Accounting, which includes the following:
Cost Accounting
Corporate Finance
Communication Skills
Financial Markets and Institutions
Portfolio Management and Wealth Management
Investment Analysis
Banking and Insurance
Business & Corporate Law
NMIMS-NPAT Registration:
The student who wishes to enrol at NMIMS is required to register for and take the exam known as the NMIMS NPAT. The dates for registration are listed in the table below.
Starting From
Closure of Registration
Mode of Registration
Mode of Examination
Date of Examination
Exam Date Scheduling Window
Declaration of Merit List
Suggested Action
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Register Now
Steps to register for the test:
  1. Initial Registration:
  2. Visit www.npat.in, www.nmimslat.in, or www.nmims.edu
    To register, you will need to click the "Apply Now" button and set up an account.
    You will receive the registration number on the registered email address to fill and complete the application form.
  3. Test Category, School, Preferences, Program
  4. The candidate has to choose the test category (NMIMS-NPAT or HMIMS-LAT), school, and program preferences, as well as campus, based on the eligibility criteria.
    Candidates have the option of selecting preferences across multiple categories, schools, and programs.
  5. Application Fee
  6. The registration fee depends on the number of schools chosen for each test category and the total number of retakes.
    The scheduling of the test will be reserved for those candidates who have paid their registration fee.
    A candidate will have the opportunity to select one primary attempt and two additional retakes for each of the examination categories. In total, a candidate will have the opportunity to take any examination three times if he so desires.
  7. Test Center & Date
  8. Following a successful registration, the candidate will be given the option to select the test dates, as well as the testing locations.
    The test dates and the availability of test centres will be determined based on the capacity of the test centres.
    It will be made modestly available to the candidate on a first-come, first-served basis.
Candidates are advised to schedule their examinations as soon as they receive the notification, as the date and test are subject to availability.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • To apply, the applicant must have obtained a minimum of 60% on the aggregate in the 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognised board.
  • The examination will be administered in English and online mode.
NMIMS NPAT Exam Pattern:
The NMIMS NPAT examination is required for candidates seeking admission to the B.Com. (Hons.) and BB.A. programs. The exam is divided into three sections, and there is no negative marking.
No. Of Questions
Total Marks
Quantitative And Numerical Ability
1 Hour 40 Minutes
Reasoning And General Intelligence
Proficiency in English Language
The structure of the test, including the types of questions asked and the level of difficulty involved, will be similar to that of the SAT.
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