Why MBA (Business Economics) from Delhi University is the right course for you?

With cut-throat competition for a few handful of seats at reputed colleges and universities, students have little time to waste. Hence, they are much aware of their career options and are willing to put in the required effort to achieve their coveted aim.Gone are the days when they used to seek advice from their well-wishers regarding career options. Students are smart enough to understand the implications of their career choice. And with a strong intent of entering the corporate world, many graduates harbour an aim to pursue an MBA (BE) offered by The Department of Finance and Business Economics (DFBE)which comes under the reputed University of Delhi. The institute’s MBA (Business Economics) Program attracts erudite students to pursue a niche course with qualitative and quantitative analysis in businesses and their applications.
Why Pursue an MBA (BE)?
The Department of Finance and Business Economics focuses on imparting high-quality management education to students enrolled for the MBA(BE) program with a provision of dual- specialization inFinance, Marketing, Economics and Advanced Analytics. To give a competitive edge to students the DFBE has a rigorous academic curriculum with a focus on developing a strong conceptual base and analytical skills.Another advantage of pursuing a dual specialization in Economics is that students acquire an extensive knowledge in the subject, which are on the similar lines of Masters in Economics, that gets complemented with Econometrics and Analytics spread over the entire course duration.
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Career Opportunities: - A host of career avenues are open for those having a post-graduate degree in Business Economics. Top investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Corporation, Barclays, Deutsche Bank,etc. recruit candidates possessing a Master’s degree in Finance or an MBA in Business Economics. Candidates are hired by top financial institutions at managerial positions and assigned challenging job roles. Prospective candidates can expect salaries commensurate with their qualifications and experience.
  • Job Roles: Mentioned below are a host of career options for a MBA (BE) grad to pursue, namely, Financial Advisor, Economic Strategist, Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Indian Economic Services, Commercial Banking, Credit analyst, Risk analyst, and Marketing Manager among others.
How an MBA(BE) is apt for those preparing to appear for UPSC-IES?
Candidates aiming to join the esteemed Indian Economic Services should note that this is the only MBA course that makethem eligible for IES.The indomitable task of joining the IES has been made achievable through this specially curated MBA course offered by the prestigious University of Delhi’s Department of Finance and Business Economics.MBA (BE) will give you a head-start and provide the requisite conceptual as well as practical knowledge for you to further carve a career graph in the reputed IES services.
Top advantages of studying MBA (BE) from the Department of Business Economics, Delhi University:-
  • With an admirable experience of over 47 years in the education field and a strong industry presence, the Department of Finance and Business Economics had pioneered the country’s first Master’s Program in Business Economics. Earlier known as MBE, the program was rechristened as an MBA in Business Economics in the year 2015 thus giving the course the right impetus.
  • The course is aimed at a holistic development of students and have, over its entire course structure, incorporated a Group evaluation component involving group submissions, projects, team assignments, etc., thus enabling peer-to-peer learning.Apart from honing their communication skills these coordinated projects also help students to become analytical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Furthermore, the department has strong alliances with big corporate houses and development firms to provide a strong platform to students for live projects, internships and final placements.
  • It is a matter of pride for the Department of Finance and Business Economics that MBA (BE) products have far and above been entrusted with responsible and crucial decision-making roles over the years.
  • The exposure which students get after completing an MBA(BE) from the Department of Finance and Business Economics help them take on challenging job assignments in the private and public sector companies.
  • Working at top management levels and holding prominent positions in the industry, members of DFBE’s alumni network play a crucial role in providing guidance and support to these budding managementgraduates.
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“Welcome to the wonderful world of economics. Everything precious in life has a cost.” ~ Russ Roberts
Nothing best could capture a student’s journey aiming to pursue an MBA from the reputable Delhi University’s Department of Finance and Business Economics. A post-graduate degree in Business Economics will propel them to achieve excellence in theircareer endeavours. Lastly, students should keep in mind that to carve a niche in this field one has to constantly learn and evaluate as the nature of these jobs is forever evolving.
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