Inauguration of Brandscapes MDI Center for Behavioral Science & Neuro Lab at MDI Gurgaon

India, 21st February 2024: The Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon inaugurated the Brandscapes MDI Centre for Behavioral Science & Neuro Lab, heralding a significant advancement in Indian management research and education on February 21, 2024. Driven by an ambitious vision, the Behavioral Science & Neuro Lab is a meaningful leap towards fostering multidisciplinary research endeavours drawing from neuroscientific and behavioural principles. With its focus spanning domains such as finance, economics, policy management, marketing, organizational behaviour, and human resource management, the centre aims to generate critical insights that can revolutionize decision-making paradigms.
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The state-of-the-art lab features an Electroencephalography (EEG) System, allowing monitoring of the brain's electrical activity. EEG, a non-invasive methodology, involves the placement of electrodes on the scalp to record cortical activity with good temporal resolution. Its applications are wide-ranging, from deciphering consumer behaviour in marketing to examining the nuanced effects of risk and emotion in financial decision-making. Additionally, in HR and Organizational Behavior, EEG is useful in designing and testing enhanced employee retention strategies and incentive mechanisms with greater veracity than a self report. 
Highlighting the importance of the newly inaugurated lab, Prof. Arvind Sahay, Director at MDI Gurgaon, said, "We are thrilled to inaugurate the Brandscapes MDI Center for Behavioral Science & Neuro Lab at MDI Gurgaon. The evolution of behavioral science tools has empowered us with profound insights into human behavior drivers, facilitating more effective interventions and policies. The revelations from our research hold the promise of reshaping policy-making frameworks, and managerial action ultimately benefiting a large set of stakeholders. Through rigorous academic inquiry and experiment-based investigations, our center is primed to provide practical advantages to industry leaders by generating deeper Behavioral insights to drive managerial and policy actions. Our aim is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, driving impactful change in management practices and societal outcomes."
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As a premier institute committed to pioneering new frontiers in knowledge, MDI Gurgaon embodies an ethos that resonates deeply with Brandscapes' essence. Our shared passion for understanding the intricacies of the human brain and behavior has been a driving force since the inception of Neuroscience in the 1980s. Fast forward to 2024, we find ourselves equipped with even more advanced technologies, enabling us to delve deeper into the complexities of the human mind and psychology. The inauguration of our Centre stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to such endeavors, ushering in a new era of exploration and discovery." shared Shri PraneshMisra, Chairman of Brandscapes.
The inaugural event included a demonstration at the state-of-the-art lab, providing attendees with a glimpse into the centre's groundbreaking research initiatives.
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