10 Reasons to Choose FIIB

10 Reasons Why FIIB is the Ideal B-School For You
Since its establishment in 1995, the Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) has grown into a leading management education, research, and training institute. In an ever-changing global economy, we are a fraternity of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporations that share a common mission, vision, and values—a fraternity that strives to give future business leaders the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities to be successful.
FIIB sets an example of efficient management education that chisels possibilities. In addition to ranking 3rd among the top private business schools in Delhi by CSR-GHRDC 2021, FIIB is accredited by the NBA, an AACSB member & approved by AICTE as one of the most prestigious B-Schools in India. A FIIB MBA not only opens doors to new career opportunities but also offers several unique advantages, such as:
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  1. Industry-ready Curriculum:
  2. Programs at FIIB are designed to inspire and create the next generation of strategic business leaders. As world economies continue to embrace change, the FIIB MBA prepares you to adapt to it. All our programs are structured to deliver tangible learning outcomes for you, building upon a legacy of excellence in management education for over two decades. In its flagship program, the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), students learn to work in a global environment in responsible positions. Dual specializations are offered as part of our curriculum. A student can specialize in majors including Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, International Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics.
  3. Faculty:
  4. Faculty expertise is a key ingredient of our excellence, combining scholarship, experience, and innovative pedagogy to provide students with a world-class learning experience. Faculty to student ratio is 1:5. Among our faculty are award-winning individuals with extensive research and industry experience from renowned institutions such as IIMs, FMS, and IITs. Almost all of our faculty members have PhDs and have taught for more than a decade on average. You'll learn from seasoned business professionals with top academic credentials who want to share their industry expertise with you and empower you to move forward.
  5. Alumni
  6. Over time, the Alumni Community has established itself as a pillar of strength for the institute and has played a crucial role in its success and growth. Over 80% of its members are actively connected, and many visit the institute for guest lectures, career preparation sessions, hiring, or networking events
    Over 3000 professionals in varying geographies, positions, and companies have carried on to follow their passions. They have built outstanding careers, and, in many cases, exert outsized influence in their respective fields. Among these roles and organizations are VP Sales for WNS USA and Canada, VP Concentrix, Associate Vice President, Vice President - HSBC Bank Ltd, and Founder - Texporto Brazil.
  7. Location & Infrastructure
  8. FIIB not only provides students with various networking opportunities but also offers a chance to study at a true city school in the heart of New Delhi. In addition to being strategically located near the international airport, FIIB is also well-connected to public transportation. The campus design is modern, aesthetically pleasing, and technology-rich, making student life easy. Classrooms on the premises are fully air-conditioned and equipped with audio and visual facilities. Through our e-library and smart classrooms, you can access study resources both online and offline. Furthermore, the institute offers a variety of other facilities, such as an auditorium, Racers Cafe, student lounge, language lab, and computer lab. With these facilities, students can learn conveniently and comfortably.
  9. Placements
  10. For most students, FIIB's placements make it a top choice. Star recruiters make a beeline for FIIB students every year, as they are the most sought-after candidates. With 650+ recruiter connections, a placement rate of 95-98% for many years, and the highest package of 25 lakhs, we are India's 8th-ranked MBA school for placements. Among our star recruiters for this placement season are Deloitte, Protiviti, KPMG, KhimjiRamdas LLC, Archer & Bull, ICICI Bank, Cafe Coffee Day, ITC, Jockey, MRF, and Berger Paints. Ultimately, we strive to develop each student holistically by focusing on short-term program success as well as long-term career success.
  11. Campus Life
  12. There is much more to life at FIIB than academics. A variety of opportunities are given to students throughout the course to grow as individuals. There are more than 20+ student-led clubs, committees, special interest groups, and centers of excellence in the students' council. Sankalp, Meraki,TEDx, Manthan, and Samavesh are just a few of the student-run events that are put on by students for students. By participating in these types of activities, students stay active and connected within their surroundings, gain experience organizing events and are exposed to various challenges, which will allow them to develop real management abilities.
  13. International Student Exchange Programme (SEP)
  14. Our intellectual capital is focused on global business and international exchange programs for our students. In addition, international guest sessions and conferences also help students to gain worldwide exposure and understand things from a global business perspective from faculty at premier international institutions. As of now, we have 21 international collaborations including Solbridge International School Of Business, South Korea, Sam Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas (USA), University of Tampere (Finland), Uniglobe College, University of Salerno, Italy, and many more.
  15. Employability Development -
  16. At FIIB, employability development and career success are not just afterthoughts. In order to ensure lasting career success and growth for students, they are well-integrated into their campus experience. Every year, our CMC helps students achieve extraordinary outcomes through skill-building programs and deep employer relationships. Experiential programs such as twelve-week corporate internships, four- to six-week social internships, and business simulations provide significant industry exposure. These interactions help students learn first-hand information about situations they will encounter in their professional life.
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  17. Student Mentoring Program -
  18. In addition to building confidence and relationships, the FIIB Mentoring Programme also helps students develop resilience and character, raise aspirations, and thus contribute to their success beyond just acquiring specific academic abilities. Student-faculty relationships are built on positive personal interactions delivered by our competent and caring faculty. A 360-degree holistic development of our students is achieved through our mentoring, which extends beyond academics and aims to develop their intellectual leadership and professional courage.
  19. School with a new concept
  20. Quality education has been an integral part of FIIB's mission and vision since its inception. We continuously strive to innovate our curriculum and pedagogy as per the changing demands of the times. All our courses have an integrated component of new-age technology, data & analytics, and social responsiveness. As part of our inclusive excellence mission, we are consistently integrating diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and cultural intelligence into our curriculum, faculty, structures, policies, practices, and attitudes.
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