Know About GMAT 2021 Exam Pattern

Important Announcements
  • The number of times a candidate can take the GMAT™ exam online will not be limited to just 2. The online attempts will count toward the overall GMAT™ attempt limits - 5 in a rolling 12-month period, and 8 in a lifetime.
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  • The GMAT™ exam delivered online now includes 5 free score reports.  
    • For exam(s) taken before October 20, 2021, candidate can continue to send unlimited, free score reports until January 31, 2022. After that date, additional score reports can be purchased for US$35 each. 
  • The price for both the GMAT™ test center and online exam registrations is now US$275 (inclusive of GST)
More About Online Score Sending
The new policy for sending GMAT™ scores from candidate’s online exam is in effect.  The GMAT™ delivered online includes 5 free score reports. Once the official online exam score is made available via, the 5 free score reports must be used within 48 hours. Additional score reports can be purchased for US$35 each. 
The GMAT™ exam – delivered online and at test centers around the world – is accepted and trusted by over 7,000 programs globally.
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