BIMTECH Greater Noida

Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida organized the 33rd Commencement Day on 31st July, 2020 on a virtual platform. Deeksharambh – The Commencement Day this year was unique in its own ways in the evolving “New Normal’.
Students and guests from all parts of the country participated in the commencement day function. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Santrupt B Misra, CEO, Birla Carbon; Director, Chemicals; and Director Group Human Resources for Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Misra is an HR professional and a business leader of standing for 30 years.
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The event started with the Saraswati Vandana to seek the blessings of goddess Saraswathi, goddess of learning and knowledge. It was then followed by an address by Mrs. Jayshree Mohta, Chairperson, Board of Governors, BIMTECH, Mr. Vikash Kandoi, Member BOG, Mr. Sakate Khaitan, Member BOG and various other Members of Board of Governing body of BIMTECH. They congratulated the students on the start of the new learning experience of their life at BIMTECH.
In his welcome address, Director, Dr. H. Chaturvedi extended a warm welcome to the students. Dr. Chaturvedi shared that the batch 2020-22 has students from 25 states comprising 38% females, 26% engineers and addressed it as a “Mini India”. Besides being good at academics, the batch contains a bunch of dynamic talents which comprises of achievers from diverse fields ranging from rock climbers, book authors, professional singers, classical dancers, theatre artists to national and state-level sports champions, graphic designers, photographers, quizzers, bloggers, Instagram influencer and social workers.
Dr. Chaturvedi shared about the unprecedented challenges being faced by higher education institutions & B-Schools across the globe. The pandemic has forced all to adopt the Online Education mode having been inspired by the example of Harvard Business School (HBS) which has embarked upon the training of more than 150 faculty and adopt the online education as an emergency option.
Dr. Chaturvedi reiterated that in the Post Covid-19 era, technology would be the “big game changer”.  BIMTECH would embrace this big change in its working so that in future our students can participate in the industry practice of “Work from Anywhere” rather than “Work from Office” or “Work from Home” only.  In future they will have to work in “Virtual Teams” where technology will play a big role.
The Chief Guest, Dr. Santrupt Misra started his address by paying his tributes to Mr. B K Birla and Mrs. Sarla Birla, the founders of Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida. He focused on the importance of value building that is imparted by education. According to him, the purpose of education is much bigger than getting a job, becoming an entrepreneur or possessing lavish materialistic things, the purpose of education is to pursue those human endeavours that make life better, bring millions of people out of poverty into the mainstream and help in improving their lives. He then talked about the vision of  BIMTECH which is to create and disseminate knowledge in a global context. BIMTECH has been working to provide knowledge in functional areas along with providing technological aspect to it. Dr. Misra stressed on the importance of technological knowhow. Education in current times without a technological bent is incomplete. The founders of the Institute had imagined the importance of technology three decades ago and included the term” Management Technology” in the name of the institute, this speaks a lot about the greatness of the leaders of the institute and their vision of anticipation.
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Dr. Misra enlightened the students with the true meaning of being successful. He quoted “Success is not a destination but a journey. People tend to define success in destination terms. My belief in success is how far you have traveled from where you started.” He discussed about the fast pace of change in the working of business and addressed students as the architects of change in future. He advised students to find answers to questions about the purpose of their lives along with having fun at the institution. He quoted that seeking pleasure cannot be the purpose of life, finding answers to pain of others is the purpose of life. The vision of India being ‘Atmanirbhar’ or self-reliant can only be fulfilled by the vision of students to work for bigger goals in life. By their vision of being innovative and the education they will receive will be an instrument for achieving these goals. Great institutions were built by leaders who could imagine a future of a different kind.
The chief guest released the annual report of the Centre of Management Case Development and Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneur Development, BIMTECH.
The event was a huge success with over 600 plus participation of students, parents, guests, faculty and alumni’s of  BIMTECH. This was a unique event on its own and the Institute conducted its commencement day with full valour and enthusiasm even in an online mode.
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